Rubber Manufacturer Announces To Accept OEM Orders for O RING, O RING CORD & Other Related Products

WOL Industry Limited accepts both standard and OEM orders for O rings, micro O rings and other related products at affordable prices.

There are many industries, such as automobiles, electronics, medical devices and others where O rings are used as an important component. This rubber loop can be used in both static and dynamic applications and can be used for pressure control, lubrication requirements and other purposes. China based WOL Industry can supply O rings made of different materials, including rubber, silicone, nitrile and others, and also accept OEM orders.

According to the company spokesperson, they supply both standard and custom O RING to meet the industrial requirements of their clients. The ring with a circular cross section has applications in different industries and they allow industries to choose from different varieties of O rings. Based on the chemical compatibility, temperature, pressure, lubrication and other requirements, one can choose the most suitable O rings for their industrial purposes. They also supply non-toxic O rings that can be used in the food industry.


The company can also supply the specific O RING CORD that can precisely meet the specifications provided by the clients. They have round cross section O ring cords, square cross section O ring cords and other varieties. These O ring cords are useful for many industries and WOL Industry has all the machinery and resources to supply precise O ring cords in the desired quantity to meet the industrial demands. They can supply O cords in any custom size and endless extruded cords are particularly suitable for different applications.

WOL Industry specializes in the production of the MICRO O RING that has useful applications in the watch, electronics and other industries. They can supply O rings in a size that is as tiny as to fit into the application needs. These micro miniature rings can provide an effective sealing in different applications. With a significant tolerance limit, the rings are suitable for watches, electronics, lighters, precision instruments, medical devices and other industries. The company spokesperson reveals that any clients can place an OEM order and can rest assured of receiving the best quality rings in custom dimensions.

The company can supply rings in any custom size and one can check the dimensions of the inner and outer diameters and the cross section listed on their website

About WOL Industry Limited

Wol Industry Limited specializes in the field of manufacturing most common Rubber O-Rings, O-Ring Cord, O-Ring Kit and Custom Rubber Products. They supply rubber products available in a variety of materials, such as NBR, Silicone, Viton, and EPDM in both standard and custom sizes.

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Company Name: Wol Industry Limited
Contact Person: Bruce Li
Phone: 86 15058484967
Country: China