Martial Arts Specialists Introduce Wing Chun Kali System Of Self Defense

Houston, Texas – Martial arts specialists, Wing Chun Kali System, announce they have expanded their schools from New York, North Carolina, New Jersey, Manhattan, Puerto Rico and now to Houston Texas. This growing organization aims to teach this complete martial arts system to as many willing clients as possible.

“Teaching is an art in itself,” Wing Chun Kali System spokesperson says. “The school has teachers with numerous years of experience, who will take the students through this system, step by step. This is to ensure these students are able to understand the techniques and principles behind the science of this form of self-defense. Only this way can they be able to perform this martial art effectively.”

There are a number of subsections to this system. Each type of martial art is taught at the school although they are taught separately. This means they are not mixed, despite having certain similarities and principals that make Wing Chun and Kali complement each other perfectly. Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the fastest growing martial art worldwide. It is practiced by the Grandmaster IP Man and was Bruce Lee’s first martial arts system. This is a combat system designed for effective self-defense within any scenario. Kali Filipino was created to combat, whichever weapon an attacker used. These include sticks, knives, empty hand, and bladed weapons. Kali is founded on diverse weapons and teaches defense when attacked in the streets. Dynamic Movement Principals is a class designed for students interested in foundation principles applied in martial arts. Lessons cover body alignment and structure, breath regulation, balance, intention, sinking and expanding energy, body unity, and many more.

Sifu Joseph Musse founded the Wing Chun Kali System in 1987. These martial arts systems focus on pure self-defense. The teaching and training methods within this system teach the practitioner to defend himself or herself effectively should they be attacked or engage in an altercation in the streets. The Wing Chun Kali System has solutions for differing scenarios that may occur within a fight. Situations include fighting two or more attackers, defending oneself from a person using weapons, and closing different ranges from long range to close range attacks. This explains why it is defined as a system. It covers numerous differing areas, giving practitioners all rounded defense skills.

If you need any further information regarding this form of self-defense, contact Wing Chun Kali System using the details listed below, or visit

Wing Chun Kali System is located at 6982 FM 1960 W Ste F 2nd Floor in Houston Texas (77069).

The company can be contacted via phone at 281-796-5296 or at their website:

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Company Name: Wing Chun Kali System
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