The Centre for Whole Health Launches New Health And Wellness Services And a New Website

Chorley, Lancashire, UK – The Centre for Whole Health, a health clinic that specializes in assessing health conditions and designing health and exercise programmes for clients, has just launched a new website and expanded services to bring more health-related solutions to residents of Lancashire. The new website comes with better functionality, makes mobile browsing easy and sets out the centre’s offerings easily. This will enable clients to access the wide range of services offered by the CHEK clinic and accommodate new services that come with the launch of the new site.

“Each health condition is unique and requires specialized health measures to treat,” said Gavin Jennings, the founder of The Centre for Whole Health. “What most people do not realize is that most health conditions can be treated by a mere change of diet or lifestyle or routine. At our boutique clinic, we understand the wide plethora of common health conditions that affect people. To this end, we apply therapeutic measures to try and correct them from their root causes. With the launch of a new website, we hope to serve clients better. This has been made possible by the introduction of new services.”

The Centre for Whole Health was motivated to create a better website through the introduction of new health and wellbeing services. Recently, the health centre added new services such as health transformation, a health solution that focuses on the overall body health including weight loss, fat loss, personal training and much more. The centre has also recently launched trial packages where new prospective clients can sample the new services (over a 6-week period) before enrolling in either the health transformation or key person wellness programmes. This aims at cementing the trust between the holistic health centre, clients and its services. There are three trial packages to choose from, which include back pain treatment with an osteopath, healthy kick-start with a CHEK personal trainer, and stress management with a holistic lifestyle coach.

Following the introduction of more services and the launch of a newer and fresher website,, that features a blog where up-to-date content is published, the centre has received numerous testimonials which have garnered even more clients. The goal of the health centre is to enable individuals to achieve their ultimate body potential. To this end, their programmes are geared towards enabling clients and patients to acquire more energy, eliminate pain, be motivated to pursue fitness, and achieve overall body health.

The Centre for Whole Health boutique clinic offers its services in five steps; a patient undergoes an initial consultation, physical assessments, lifestyle and nutritional assessments, individual training, and receives ongoing motivation and support.

The Centre for Whole Health is located at 2 Lawrence Lane, Eccleston, Chorley in Lancashire, PR7 5SJ.

The company can be contacted via phone at 01257 367080 or at their website:


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Company Name: The Centre for Whole Health
Contact Person: Gavin Jennings
Phone: 01257 367080
Address:2 Lawrence Lane, Eccleston, Chorley
City: Lancashire
State: England
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