Our Pastor Has Gone Mad Again: Elijah Oladimeji’s Book Offers Insights Into A Pastor’s Mind

NY, USA – What makes a man a trusted spiritual leader and a beloved pastor, who is on a life’s mission to spread the Lord’s word and open up people’s hearts to His grace and promise of salvation? Could a man so deeply devoted to ministry ever cease to think about the ways his words, and thoughts, can shape the faith journey of his congregation?

Elijah Oladimeji, pastor at the Mind of Christ Evangelical Church in New York, has penned Our Pastor Has Gone Mad Again: He Is Speaking The Word Of Faith When Awake And Asleep, a riveting portrait of the intimate workings of a pastor’s mind.

The book explores the dedication and tenacity of a man so deeply entrenched in the quest to live up to his life’s calling of service, and his ultimate goal of embodying the values set forth by his beliefs. A pastor that does more than simply speaking and preaching the word of the Lord; who strives to be the hands and feet of Jesus, through his deep concern and utmost care not only for his church family, but for every individual seeking salvation.

Through mid-sleep conversations with his wife, Lorraine, to one-on-one discussions with members of his church, Pastor Job discusses matters of the faith; offering commentary on the state of the world at large, and on the current and past events that have shaped American history.

Interlaced with verses from the King James version of the Bible, the book is a page-turning account of a life of ministering and teaching; fighting sin and praising the Lord’s small and larger works; trusting in His will and opening oneself to His miracles and signs, and, ultimately, studying His word as a beacon of true love and redemption, in what is today’s broken and troubled world.

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most online retailers.

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