Landauer Nordic Launches New Website For Clients In The UK and Denmark

Landauer Nordic AB – Landauer Nordic is pleased to announce the recent launch of their new website for their customers in the United Kingdom ( and Denmark ( Their radon testing services are now available in these markets. Landauer Nordic has been measuring radon on a large scale since 1989 and is also a member of several international radon institutions such as the UK Radon Association.

“Landauer Nordic is the global leader in radon measurement,” said Karl Nilsson, the spokesperson for Landauer Nordic AB. “With our modern laboratory in Uppsala and customers in over 50 countries, we are the global leader when it comes to measuring radon. A staff of around 25 persons are engaged in production, analysis, sales, support and research/development. Our work is based on a customer-oriented perspective, and our objective is to always surpass your expectations with regard to quality, service, and experience. With roots in the world of academia and research, our company has the very advanced equipment to analyze radon in indoor air using our radon detectors Radtrak², Rapidos, and Duotrak. We are always very highly placed in comparative international tests.”

Radon is a radioactive gas which forms naturally when the element, Uran238, decays. According to the World Health Organization, WHO, 3%-14% of all incidences of lung cancer are caused by radon. The risk varies depending on where you live. Public Health England estimates that about 1100 cases of lung cancer per year are caused by radon present in British houses and workplaces. If one lives or works on property with a high radon content, they run a greater risk of being affected. It’s therefore, advisable to measure radon in one’s home and have radon levels measured even at the workplace. As radon is both odorless and invisible, measurement is the only way to detect the gas. The amount of radon in indoor air varies with the season, These variations are primarily dependent on changes in outdoor temperature and wind conditions. The amount also varies during the day and night, and from room to room. How the ventilation system functions, and how often one gives the house an airing also has an effect.

Landauer Nordic is the world’s leading laboratory for measurement of radon in houses, multi-occupancy buildings, and workplaces. Their highly accurate and secure measurement methods are accredited according to ISO 17025. Using their radon detectors enables individuals to obtain an answer regarding the radon content in their home or workplace. All they require clients to do is position the radon detectors they send as per the instructions supplied. The client will then log on to their website and indicate when the measurement period started and ultimately finished before sending the detectors back to their laboratory free of charge. On receiving the detectors the Landauer Nordic team will perform the analysis which results in the accurate measurement of the radon concentration.

Landauer Nordic UK is located at Landauer Nordic AB Box 6522 751 38 UPPSALA.

The company can be contacted via phone at +4618568800 or at their website:

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