David Genis Law Office offers affordable legal services in Immigration Law and Criminal Law

21 Feb, 2017 – During the press meet held today, the spokesperson of David Genis law firm said that they specialize in providing affordable legal services in Immigration Law and Criminal Law for the people of Toronto.

According to the spokesperson, Mr. David Genis who heads their law firm is an expert in both immigration law and criminal law related to the Toronto region in Ontario. He is an imminent immigration lawyer who has appeared in the Federal Court of Canada and Immigration Appeal Division. This criminal lawyer also appears regularly in the Court of Appeal and Ontario Court of Justice, superior Court.He has also finished the articles in a criminal defence company in Toronto that gave him enough exposure towards appeal and trial levels. To get more information, refer to the website.

The website of David Genis Law Office specializes in serving the clients who speak multiple languages such as Ukrainian, English, Russian, Mandarin and Cantonese. David also holds a special liking towards the technical and complex cases like driving offences and drinking such as DWI and DUI such as dangerous driving, impaired operation, refuse sample, care or control over 80 mg as well as offences related to drugs. Those who have to face several non technical issues such as customs, appeals, immigration prosecutions, sexual assaults, child abuse cases, domestic violence, thefts etc. the law firm of David Genis represents the clients when they require legal assistance utmost to face the challenging and complex cases against them or their loved ones. David holds the reputation of defending the clients successfully helped thousands to come out clean of all criminal charges. No matter, if the individuals are charged with a DWI or DUI, drug offence or domestic assault, the top criminal lawyers in the Toronto can handle their cases while making sure that their rights are protected.

The law firm was David Genis also handles the immigration cases and make sure the verdict in favourable for their clients, who wish to settle down, take up an employment or setup a business start up in Canada. Their immigration lawyers present the case on the behalf of their clients and make sure their rights are not violated. Plus, they present the assertive defence, which will have a substantial and direct impact on the client’s situation. The lawyers of David Genis law firm make use that their clients need not serve any jail time or there is no avoidance in their eligibility to travel to the US. They also make sure that their clients face no issues like losing their job, driver’s license and immigration status. 

About David Genis

David Genis is a highly popular and leading Immigration lawyer and Criminal lawyer in Toronto located in Ontario. His law firm specializes in providing affordable legal services in several practice areas like DUI or DWI, fraud, assault, theft, domestic violence, child porn, threat, weapon offences and drug offenses. The law firm also handles all types of immigration cases.

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