Asia’s Largest Waterborne Paint Product Line Launched in Hebei for Combating Smog

According to Reuters, China requires the cities along three “major pollution channels of smog” to carry out joint emission reduction. Meanwhile, Hebei Province is trying to meet its reduction goals through accelerating the concentration of environmental protection industries.

On February 17, the “Launching Ceremony of Asia’s Largest Automatic Product Line of Waterborne Paint — Global Release of Waterborne Paint Day” was held in Boye Waterborne Paint Industrial Park in Baoding, Hebei.

This is another move made by Hebei province toward energy conservation and emission reduction within the process of environmental protection integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Heibei Region. It is reported that after the waterborne paint “Big Mac” goes into operation, with its capacity as large as 1375000 tons, it will not only provide jobs for tens of thousands of people, but will also reduce 1100000 tons of VOC emissions, conserve 2200000 tons of petroleum and save 3144000 tons of standard coal. Furthermore, it will reduce the emissions of 7865000 tons of carbon dioxide, equaling to the exhaust gas emissions of 1100000 cars in one year.

According to Reuters, 20 cities are located along the three “major pollution channels of smog”, which are asked to jointly reduce emissions. Baoding of Hebei province is one of the cities.

With China’s more efforts in environmental protection, a reborn Boye, aiming to forge its new card as the “home to China’s waterborne paint”, has actively brought in large environmental protection waterborne paint companies like Chenyang Waterborne Paint. The launching of the product line this time will surely speed up this process.

According to Liu Zhanchuan, chief executive president of Chenyang Waterborne Paint, the company plans to build a number of large waterborne paint industrial parks in Heibei and other places based on its programme, so as to form a large waterborne production cluster, with a total planning capacity of 1375000 tons. The operation of this programme will not only help solve the employment problem for tens of thousands of people, but can also facilitate to reduce the smog in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region in an efficient way.

Yang Yuanyi, chairman of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China and chairman of China Waterborne Paint Association, said that the concentration and scale development of environmental protection waterborne paint industry in Hebei could not only drive the green growth of local economy, but would also contribute to the governance of air pollution and help reducing smog in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region.

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