MemoryTag Sponsors Cash Gift Sweepstakes

WOODBRIDGE, CA – 21 Feb, 2017 – MemoryTag, the greeting card company that breathed new life into the greeting card, wishes to thank its loyal customers and customers-to-be with a chance for you to win $300 in cash and a $100 in-store credit.

You can win the bucks. Simply enter the giveaway.

“We’ve done a lot of giveaways, but we’re back by popular demand,” said MemoryTag owner Robert Beadles. “We want to build awareness, reward our customers and fans, and give back in gratitude for our success over the past few years. All you have to do to win is answer one simple question, give us your email address and enter to win $400 next month (March 17).”

The people at MemoryTag realized the greeting card could be much more than just a piece of cardboard with a meaningless statement on it. Cards could be funny and make us laugh, emotional and make us cry; using video app downloading from your smartphone you could place your own video greeting on a card and make it come alive. The receiver of the card downloads the app and then plays back your video message off the card.

With your own face and personalized greeting, that’s what makes it work. What a card can say is limited only by your imagination, which is unlimited.

MemoryTag took on the giant conglomerate greeting card companies which for years had pedaled their sterile cards and watched their sales drop while new digital technology rendered their product obsolete.  Now they’re trying to imitate MemoryTag, but they don’t have the creativity to match.

Think of MemoryTag as the Saturday Night Live of greeting cards. MemoryTag cards are funny, edgy, and say things no other greeting cards say. MemoryTag pioneered the personalized comedy greeting card. For the first time greeting cards made us laugh because we know the person making us laugh in the video.

MemoryTag announced:

“We value you, our customer. You’ve made us a success. That’s why we want to give you some cash. In gratitude for our phenomenal success while the big card guys have faded into the sunset, we’re going to reward you.”

Simply go to the entry form at Follow the on-screen instructions. The giveaway contest will end Mar. 14, 2017 and prizes will be awarded on Mar. 17. Winner gets $300 in cash and a $100 in-store credit for MemoryTag purchases. Entry is open to anyone 21 years old or older (see list of countries on the form not eligible).

The winners will be selected from a random drawing of all the entries, and the odds of winning depend on the number of entries received.

The MemoryTag store is located at 18826 N Lower Sacramento Road, Suite E, in Woodbridge, CA.

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