NextVPU aims to support the blind people in their daily life by AngelEye smartglasses

– Jonh Bank, reporter

On CES 2017, there is a company called “NextVPU” who brought our attention. “AngelEye” is the product which they introduced to help blind people perceiving the world. 

AngelEye includes: two stereo-cameras in the front, a bone-conduction headphone, a microphone, a USB cable to link the glasses with the smartphone. In addition, the stereo cameras will scan the front space dozen of times per second, detect any obstacles and recognize whether the path is able to walk or not, and notify the user in audio through the bone-conduction headphone.

A deep neural network is used in recognition, and major of the network is running on the smartphone. A $150 USD smartphone is good enough to run with AngelEye smart glasses. More importantly, it can recognize cash notes, text, door, chair, people, cup, pen, etc., and transfer into voice. The glasses looks stylish, and offer multiple color options. Therefore it will be a new era in changing legal blind people’s life.

Alan Feng who used to be the Director of Engineering in AMD, got his MSc of Microelectronics degree in University of Southampton, UK and BSc of EE degree in USTC. Ji Zhou who used to be the PMTS and Chief Architect of CV and Imaging in AMD, got his Doctor degree in Zhejiang University, China. Both of them are experienced engineers. They are professionals in computer vision domain. Moreover, they are used to work on chip designs, and they are professional at vSLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) for unmanned ground vehicles. 

The story of why they launch this company is very impressive. Alan mentioned that he has a schoolmate who was a volunteer to assist the blind people in their daily lives, and she often talked to them about the daily life of legal blind people and the difficulty that all blindness faced. When developing SLAM algorithms, Alan and Ji find that the power of technology can improve the daily lives of these people. Therefore an amazing idea come to Alan’s mind, which as known as “AngelEye” smart glasses. 

An amazing demo of NextVPU shows a blind girl *running* in track with AngelEye smart glasses. This is just incredible how technology can improve people’s lives.


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