Essential Oils Guide 2017 Edition: Everything One Needs to Know About Essential Oils and More

The 2017 edition of Essential Oils Guide contains a variety of information regarding essential oils and their uses in the modern world. Everyone interested in the magic of essential oils would find everything they need to know inside the new eBook.

Essential oils have been used in natural medicine for hundreds of years. Even today, in the world of advanced pharmacology, researchers prove that there is some power to essential oils that cannot be replicated with contemporary drugs. For example, aromatherapy is a recognized type of healing practice and used by a variety of healthcare providers. Luckily, from now on everyone can enjoy the benefits of these products as the new Essential Oils Guide 2017 Edition ( provides detailed information on all the most popular healing oils.

How to Wield the Power of Essential Oils

In order to really ‘unlock’ the healing properties of these substances, one must use them right. There are dozens of oils available on the market and several ways of administering them. Choosing the right combination of ingredients and application method is imperative in order to produce the desired healing effect.

This isn’t an easy thing to do as one has to understand a great deal about the ‘mechanics’ of the human body as well as the oils themselves. A great number of factors affect the way these substances act and the reactions to them.

There is also the matter of technique to be considered. People have been using essential oils in healing for a very long time, and each culture had their own special recipes and practices to increase their efficiency.

The new Essential Oils Guide ( is an eBook that can help answer all the questions one has about how to use essential oils in order to achieve specific results. This book is a comprehensive data source that presents information is a clear manner that is easy to understand. This means that one doesn’t have to be a biology major to learn from it.

The eBook describes the uses of 40 top essential oils and explains exactly how they act and how differences in applications affect the way they act in the body. It also contains safety tips necessary for everyone as one has to be extremely careful when using natural remedies.


The Essential Oils Guide is a resource created by Rusty Green, a specialist in herbal medicine. These fragrant and extremely potent oils are the focus of his passion and he spent years researching them, producing various works on the uses and properties of essential oils. The 2017 edition of his guide is the most comprehensive of them so far.

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