New Mobile App Froto Provides Photo Prints Conveniently and Free of Charge

If you are like the typical phone user, you take tons of photos and upload them to your social sites.  While having these photos in digital form can be convenient, they lack the permanency of physical prints.  A new mobile app called Froto changes all of that. You can now upload all the images on your phone or Facebook site using Froto, and receive the UV coated, high quality 4” x 6” prints through the mail in just a few days—at completely no charge! 

You may be wondering how Froto can afford to convert your digital images to print, package them and ship to you at no charge.  The answer is that Froto prints coupons and offers from local stores on the back of your photos.  Froto also sends them to your smart phone and notifies you when you are near one of these businesses, so that you can take advantage of these money-saving offers. And because these businesses pay to advertise through Froto, you get the photos for free.

You can download Froto from Google Play or the Apple store.

Froto is currently a small scale operation but is expanding rapidly.  That is why the Froto team has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. In return for supporting this campaign, you may receive valuable perks like extra prints, framed prints, portable cell phone spotlight, cell phone camera lens kit, or instant print mini camera. 

To learn more about Froto or to make a contribution to this important project, please visit

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Company Name: Froto
Contact Person: Subhra Dey
Country: United States