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February 22, 2017 – D Age Technology has announced the release of their all new productivity application called ‘Kimmie’. The application is built to help make workout routines more fun and motivating with a spirit of promoting health and fitness. Kimmie will help the users to achieve perfection in their fitness levels and keep them in a good shape. Workout routines can be tracked and optimized with the use of Kimmie and it will redefine fitness applications available online. The ultimate productivity app is now available absolutely free on Google Play Store.

“With the support of a great community, everyone will be able to share their own workout plan with everyone very easily.” Said Laurent Yew, the Chief Technology Officer at D Age Technology while talking about Kimmie. “With a vast library of workout plan available, users will be able to easily select and add workout plans and workout routines.” Laurent added. The application is all about sharing and growing together while staying fit and healthy.

There are several amazing features in the Kimmie app designed by D Age Technology. Workout routines can be placed in a ‘to do’ list format and users can simply complete their tasks one by one. Moreover, the motivational app brings gamification to the workout routines of its users by introducing several RPG elements. The most amazing feature of Kimmie is the in-game rewards and punishments system where users can experience reward or punishment based on their performance.

Alongside inspiration and motivation, the app also features several special and unexpected tasks to do to keep the users excited and on their toes. These surprise elements of this application make it not only unique but also addictive and more fun. There are several great ideas behind the creation of this app and most important of them all is motivation. The app will help users turn their bad habits into good ones while staying in good shape. In addition, it will help the users learn something new each day while having a sense of competition and enthusiasm. More details about the app are available on the website.

Media Contact
Company Name: D Age Technology
Contact Person: Laurent Yew
Email: laurent@dagetechnology.com
Phone: +60122323407
Country: Malaysia
Website: http://kimmie.com.my

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