BuyAmericanAndHireAmerican: The Exclusive Online Patriotic Store

22 Feb, 2017 – Buy American and Hire American unveils their unique website offering quality American-made logo T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats that express patriotism and love for the USA. They operate a distinctive ever-expanding catalog updated daily to offer products that are timely, relevant and appreciated.

According to the Buy American and Hire American credo: “It’s perfectly OK to let people know what you believe, what you stand for and how you feel about your country.”  Whether you are in the market for a T-shirt, ballcap or tote that expresses your particular patriotic conviction or simply like the idea of sporting a sweatshirt that reads “I Freakin’ Love America,” they have got you covered! At they embrace quality Made-in-America products and work hard to stay current with the dynamic trending themes of the American political landscape.  What you hear today as a leading sound bite you may see tomorrow as a hot selling new T-shirt!

Daniel Terrier, the C.E.O of Buy American and Hire American, explains the company was created to give people access to a self-expression vehicle that also serves a higher purpose.  He quotes Abraham Lincoln: “Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail.  Without it, nothing can succeed.”  Terrier goes on to say, “Public opinion is shaped only when people communicate, when they express their opinions on issues and make their voices heard.  Our products allow people to MAKE THEIR VOICES SEEN.  Yes, our products are cool items of self-expression.  However, by wearing and displaying them, they also position people into the larger picture as citizens.  Everyone’s participation is required in our democracy.” products are available only online.  Current collections include Proud to be an American, Buy American Hire American, I Love America and The Presidential Collection.  Visit the online store, have a look around, and declare your support and pride for your country with quality US-made products—and engage in the national dialogue.

Media Contact
Company Name: BuyAmericanAndHireAmerican
Contact Person: Daniel Terrier
Phone: 619-437-1321
City: San Diego
State: CA
Country: United States