Another Next Rated App, AcroSplat, From AppStreet Games Set For Launch In March

22 February, 2017 – AppSteet Games proudly announces the scheduled launch of its new game, AcroSplat. Acrosplat is a highly intriguing game which can bring hours upon hours of joy. The game has buzzsaws, spikes, and various seemingly impassable walls.  Acroplast is set to be launched 9th of March, 2017.  The game will be available on Playstore, Apple Store and Amazon.

Playing Acroplast brings so much fun that it has been described as the most addictive game of the year.  Players rely on a one-touch control for precise shooting past the tricky traps in the fun-filled game where splatting is key to success.

Fire blobs into barriers to allow paint of the same color through to the other side, and mix hues to solve the devious challenges that will face across more than 100 levels in AcroSplat’s story mode.

“We are happy that Acroplast is gaining a lot traction even before the launch. The game perfectly gives on thing to anyone- Fun, Fun and, well, more Fun!” Says Vijay Sharma – Director of AppStreet Games

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He says further, “AcroSplat brings a new vibe to mobile app industry with the fully-featured editor on it.  Players can go a step further to create their own unique levels, show them off online and battle it out for high scores on levels made by anyone!”

Another great side of the app is its fully-featured level editor, one of the first of its kind on mobile.  Players have the rare opportunity to create levels every bit as challenging as those found in the story mode.  The level editor is a fully hosted in game sharing system that allows full discoverability within the app itself.

Champions on AcroSplat are true champions as they can create their own puzzles in the fully-featured level editor and show the world the genius they are.

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