German Engineer’s Invention Can Help Homeowners Move Out Of The Grid

22 February, 2017 – The big question  of clean, cost-saving, and  renewable energy has been around for years. Several attempts, inventions, machines have surfaced with very little being affordable and at the same time clean and renewable.

FUXUS® Smart Solutions is creating a game changer by combining the power of the solar energy, low-grade hot water or waste heat using heat sensitive materials  known as shape memory alloy. The revolutionary green energy smart invention does not rely on machine design, but on its smart and powerful actuators which were designed, developed and tested for almost 2 years with proven efficiency compared to similar known engines.

“Two years ago I was invited to a power station construction site. The farmers nearby had to move to higher ground, and they needed a cheap way for watering. The owner of the power station wanted me to help, so he called me as the R&D specialist; That’s how it all began,”  says Kadir Yalcinkaya, R&D Engineer and founder of the project.

He says further, “Although solar energy is the most powerful energy source we have. Solar heat panels do have an efficiency of 90%, photovoltaic just 20%, so I went for the big slice. After two years of  testing out a lot of stuff, I finally developed the FUXUS® HWPEG Engine.”

To support this project, visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

“FUXUS® HWPEG Engine  is made to generate huge amounts of cheap solar powered electricity for your home,” adds Kadir Yalcinkaya

FUXUS® HWPEG Engine requires no fuel for its operation. It basically runs completely on hot water. The machine is so fantastic that users can go off the grid as users can both generate hot water and electricity for free. Unlike other heat engines out there, FUXUS® HWPEG Engine comes as scalable, affordable and powerful. FUXUS® HWPEG (Hot Water Powered Electricity Generator) is a must-have electricity generator that efficiently converts hot water into electricity. The engines use solar heat panels to get hot water and electricity, both at the same time.

Media Contact
Company Name: Fuxus Smart Solutions
Contact Person: Kadir Yalcinkaya
Country: Germany