“Map&Life” is Coming to Change Social Lives

A Unique and New Social Network that has nothing in common with the Existing Social Network: For a Brighter Life and Better Experiences

Eldon Akhmatov, an Orlando based American entrepreneur has invented a great new social network called “Map&Life”. The project is now seeking public support and raising funds at Indiegogo. It is an extraordinary location based system of communication to everything that is happening around the people in their lives.

There are less than two months left before the fundraising campaign for “Map&Life” ends on Indiegogo. Eldon designed it with the aim of bringing something new that has been missing in the existing social networks. According to him, people are quickly losing spiritual connection with each other in the fast and progressive modern day social world and “Map&Life” will change all that for everyone. People are unintentionally and completely isolating themselves from each other and this amazing app will fix all that and will reshape the social lives like never before.

The fundamental issues in daily social life have been addressed in this system and it will make everyday life more meaningful and organized. It will publish all the activities, events, happenings and moments in real time and people will get a complete picture of whatever is happening around them. The app will increase the level of human conciseness like never before and all this in one app. It is nothing like the typical social networks, this app has an amazing geo location feature that maps everything around them. Moreover, making new friends feature of this app has also optimized the concept of socialization. It has endless features that can help people even if they are stuck somewhere.

All funds received through this Indiegogo campaign will go the salaries of staff and improvement of “Map&Life”, and it is a great opportunity for everyone to participate in this great social invention.  Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something amazing. Until it gets self-sufficient, the backing of generous contributors will play a major role in making it successful.

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-unique-system-that-unites-people-map-life-life-social# and generous supporters can back it to make it a major success.

About “Map&Life”:  

“Map&Life” is a new concept of social networking invented by Eldon Akhmatov, an Orlando based American who has changed the entire dynamics of social networking by bringing everything that has been missing in the social apps under one roof.

Media Contact
Company Name: “Map&Life”
Contact Person: Eldon Akhmatov
Email: Support@MapAndLife.com
City: Orlando
State: Florida
Country: United States
Website: mapandlife.com