Non-Profit organization launched with the aim to provide free online tutoring

Kids, youths, and adults can access expert volunteers to help in their subjects and homework so that they can achieve their dreams is a non-profit organization providing online tutoring and counselling for kids, youths, and adult, to help them achieve success in their educational career. The site offers free online tutoring and free homework help, with the help of professional and high qualified community of online tutors. Students can get help on a broad range of subjects including math, science, foreign language, business, and counselling. Access free online help today by visiting the website at 

“PowerMinds is my attempt to give back to the community. I realized that many students find it hard to achieve their academic and educational career goals because they have no money. Being a student myself, I found it extremely difficult to find the right tutor at the time I needed one. Our platform provides free support and help for kids, youths, and adult, giving them access to free tutoring, homework help, and counselling. I believe the fewer people that are left behind without a progressive academic career, the safer and better our community will be,” said Arnav Bedi.

PowerMinds provide an online platform that allows people to connect live with tutors that help them learn and master all the skills they need to succeed. These instructors are experts in different subjects who have volunteered to provide students with all the help they require. Students can also connect live, with volunteers, to get homework help online. No matter what career or subject a student need help, be it English, math, social studies, science, foreign languages or test prep, PowerMinds’ free online tutors are ready to help the youth achieve their dreams. enables students to search for tutors in various subjects and consult with them online using the inbuilt Video/Audio conferencing features or consult via Phone. Students can consult with tutors at any time and from anyplace. Our mission is simple – We don’t want any child, youth or adult to be left behind due to the lack of tutoring or guidance they need to succeed in their education and careers.

PowerMinds is powered by experts and tutors who volunteer to provide free online tutoring and counselling. They are constantly looking for volunteers to join them in making the mission a reality. Becoming a PowerMinds volunteer is an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. It also provides the opportunity to give back to the community, increase social and relationship skills, increase self-confidence and gives a sense of purpose and satisfaction. 

About PowerMinds

PowerMinds is a non-profit organization committed to providing free online tutoring and guidance to kids, youths and adults. Their mission is to help students who are not financially capable get all the help they need, to achieve their dreams.

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