New Enhanced Cooling Rack Bundle Expands Cooking Possibilities

New kitchen tools are released every day with more and more features and variations, but new smart bundles offered in the market may be even more interesting and can enhance the customer’s experience in a cost effective way. Smart bundles can also be an excellent opportunity to check out new product ideas which people have been interested in for some time but haven’t yet had a chance to experience.

This is the case for the new Stainless Steel Cooling Rack and Silicone Baking Mat bundle, recently launched by Great Object. It combines two innovative and useful kitchen utensils in one pack and provides customers the opportunity to experience the two products separately or together, creating multiple cooking possibilities.

Cooling racks have been popular to cool and cook many different foods from cookies to bacon and pastries, just to mention some. This is clearly stated by one of their customers who said “I never really thought a cooling rack was a kitchen “necessity” but apparently I had no idea what I was missing out on! This is perfect for cooling baked goods and baking greasy foods so the grease falls and leaves you with crispier bacon, wings, potatoes, etc.” The rack is designed with a closely spaced wire grid that allows for air circulation and keeps pieces from falling through.

Silicone mats have also been popular for baking. Made of silicone, the baking mat allows for cooking with even heat distribution, is easy to clean and can be reused. The bundle allows for cooking the food on the baking mat, when this is the preferred option, and then cooling it on the rack before serving.

Made of stainless steel, Great Object’s new cooling rack is sturdy, rust resistant, durable and has a strong structure with a central supporting bar to avoid warping.  Both the cooling rack and silicone baking mat resist high temperatures in the oven and have been designed with special sizes to fit into a standard half sheet pan with a little room to help handle the rack when moving them from inside the pan.

This enhanced cooling rack and baking mat bundle is sold on Amazon and provides a great opportunity to try new ways of cooking traditional and new recipes making clean-up faster and easier. It can be a great choice for a wedding shower or housewarming gift especially considering the value, if compared with the total cost of buying these two kitchen tools separately. Another customer highlights this point with positive feedback “I loved this bundle. I had priced just the silicone baking pad at other places and this was a much better deal when it was paired with the stainless steel cooling rack.”

Great Object’s new product release resulted from a long process researching customer preferences. They believe that this bakeware set fills a gap in the customer’s kitchen and represents a significant addition to their product line. They are also eager to hear about their customers real experiences with their product in order to continuously improve their offerings. 

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