Houston Home Appraisal firm opens to new locations to keep up with demand for home value services

Houston, TX – Texas Home Appraisers, LLC has opened two new locations in Houston Texas to provide real estate appraisal services. The new locations will serve the North Houston and East Houston. Texas Home Appraisers LLC is the premier real estate valuation firm in the Greater Houston area with the East Houston home values, joining the list of the areas that they will be providing their services to.

“One of the most misunderstood aspects of real estate appraising is how comparable sales are chosen and adjusted,” said Noah Cho, the spokesperson for Texas Home Appraisers. “There are certain guidelines that appraisers follow as well as lender imposed restrictions that require the use of comparables that fit specific criteria. Unfortunately, many times these guidelines can results in less accurate conclusions due to the limited data. In the case of non-lender or private appraisal assignments, many appraisers still cling to these guidelines even though they aren’t being imposed; they simply don’t understand how to think outside the box.”

Their team is dedicated to providing professional, courteous and prompt service to all their clients. At Texas Home Appraisers, they employ local appraisers living and working in the North Houston housing markets. Their appraisers have years of experience appraising different types of properties including single and multi-family homes and land all over the Greater Houston market area. Their appraisal fees are highly competitive, and when it comes to turnaround time, they are hard to beat. Texas Home Appraisers offer many different types of appraisal services to accommodate most real property valuation requirements. They provide appraisals for most of all residential applications including lending and non-lending situations. Texas Home Appraisers are Houston’s largest provider of independent, non-lender appraisal assignments. Their commercial department is employed by clients statewide for various levels of assignments.

Texas Home Appraisers, https://txhomeappraisers.com/, strive to provide cost-effective appraisal services that exceed their customer’s’ expectations without putting a hole in their wallet. Furthermore, they don’t believe it makes sense for the average person who needs an appraisal to pay the extra expense of using a complicated government form when a standard appraisal form will work just as well. For this reason, they have divided their fee structure into the lender and non-lender fees. Lenders almost always require the government issued forms, whereas appraisals for private use can be reported using a much easier to understand and less complicated general purpose consumer form. Their fees for such assignments are lower, saving clients’ money.

In addition, they have technology driven reporting whereby a full-color PDF report is delivered for most of all appraisal assignments and contains all the information a client needs to understand how the appraiser concluded the value of a property. These reports are compiled using state of the art software and systems that allow them to pull location and flood maps, census information, cost information, market trends and more.

Texas Home Appraisers, LLC is located at 40 FM 1960 West, #210 in Houston, TX (77090).

The company can be contacted via phone at 713-489-4905 or at their website: https://txhomeappraisers.com/

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Company Name: Texas Home Appraisers, LLC
Contact Person: Noah Cho
Email: info@txhomeappraisers.com
Phone: 713-489-4905
Address:40 FM 1960 West, #210
City: Houston
State: Texas
Country: United States
Website: https://txhomeappraisers.com/