Tsvi Bisk writes about the two sides of Zionism and how it relates to the Jews in his article – the Upside of Resentment

American-Israeli Futurist, social critic, and author, Tsvi Bisk, gives a comprehensive analysis of the concept of Zionism, its two sides, and how it relates to the Jews in his article – the Upside of Resentment

The concept of Zionism has always triggered conversations and sometimes argument with one part of the half, viewing Zionism as a purpose aimed at redeeming the past and the Jewish obligation to create a state in a bid to regain the Land of Isreal.

The other view of Zionism is similar with Futurism as it sees creating alternative future options for the Jews as a function of Zionism. Here, the creation of one state on the planet where Jews are the majority is the purpose of Zionism.

Zionism, viewed from either angle, has a direct relationship with the Jews and the Jewish community especially when the Future of Israel is being discussed. Tsvi Bisk takes a critical look at Zionism and carefully analyzes the concept, giving his honest opinion, and what the future looks like for the Jewish community.

Tsvi Bisk in the article, explains resentment, how it changed the world in the past, and how the Jews can take a cue from recent happenings and use that in creating a better future for the Jewish community.

The article examines the history and the role of resentment, even as Tsvi explores the role resentment played in current happenings with a mention of the recent British exit from the European Union and the victory of the ever-controversial Donald Trump in the recently conducted United States election.

Tsvi further explained how resentment has affected Isreal and the Jews in general, and how the Jewish community and better harness the inherent benefits of resentment for the betterment of the community.

About Tsvi Bisk

Tsvi Bisk is an American-Isreali social critic, author and contributing editor to one of the Heavy Influential Jews magazines around the world – The Futurist magazine, with over 100 essays and articles. Some of his very popular works include the books Futurizing the Jews, The Optimistic Jew, The Suicide of the Jews, and It’s Not the Electoral System, Stupid.

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