Fa’shotime Is Back With A Bang This Spring With Latest EP And New Music Video

Florida rap sensation Fa’shotime is back this spring with his new EP “It’s Fashotime” and new music video “Mirror with No Reflection” that duly reflect his usual innovative music and rich lyrical ambience.

Palm Bay, FL – February 22, 2017 – Great news for the hip-hop fans looking for something fresh and meaningful of late! Rising Florida rapper Fa’shotime is back with a bang this spring with his latest EP “It’s Fashotime” and new music video “Mirror with No Reflection”.

The EP has already been launched on almost all the major music platforms online like iTunes, YouTube etc. and it speaks of 3 renditions Mirror with No Reflection, Talkin on Mute & My Brother’s Keeper. His latest music video is picturized on the first track of the album.

“I am excited to announce that lately I have released my new EP and music album. Each of the tracks speaks of its own exclusive appeal to ensure a versatile ensemble for my fans and rap connoisseurs all over. Whether you are in mood of some solid head banging or looking for something slow and soulful, you will have everything with my new EP”, smiled and said the talented rapper.

Fa’shotime (Christopher Williamson) is not just any average artist who will whizz off after only a couple of albums or tracks. Rather, he is considered as a phenomenal music star transcending his art to next rendition of originality. The Kansas-born rapper has garnered rave reviews for his outstanding beats, crisp lyricism and sassy production. Now, settled at Florida, he looks forward to re-define the common perception about the hip-hop scene and to share his inimitable positive energy with his audience from various walks of life.

Speaking on his new music video, Fa’shotime stressed on creating a gentle lyrical ambience with laid back beats. It’s in stark contrast to his pacey head banging number (My Brother’s Keeper) that was released in January this year. Mirror with No Reflection urges one to take a closer look into himself and into so-called “near” ones who do not appear as what they are in reality. Produced by Dreamlifebeats and directed by Omg it’s kidd fresh, the video features Fa’shotime and Malissa as his girlfriend. It talks of how misunderstandings and insecurities unnecessarily burden up an otherwise lovely relationship and how shocking it is to discover a complete different persona of somebody so close!

Launched on February 16, the music video has already commanded a massive viewership and happy comments from the rap community all over. Bustling with 23,223 views within just 4 days of its release, the heart-warming video has also pulled in a jolly good 114 Likes. The listeners are almost unanimous on the video being one of the most loved and enjoyed “hits” of 2017.

“How can u be so harsh

Playing my cards with love on deck

Damn u caught me off guard

Like no security on set

I don’t I don’t I don’t give a damn about what you’re saying

Who the hell are you like a mirror with no reflection…” the video goes on.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/t5VtQT2E-cg

What separates Fa’shotime from other regular rappers around is that he hums a very innovative music enriched in the best of the both the worlds while it can be defined by the loving warmth of old school hip-hop. It also embodies the needed zing of contemporary music. Enriched in wide array of ideas and influences, his music stands apart from the crowd with conscious songwriting and eclectic tune.

To listen to and download Fa’shotime new EP and music video, visit www.fashotime.com, or https://itun.es/us/WNbKhb

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