Shifty Eyes-Kings (Official Music Video) 200K+ YouTube Views & Counting!

CANADA – 22 Feb, 2017 – Shifty Eyes exhibits vivid rap schemes on this absolute banger that has broke 200,000 views in such a short period of time. Shifty Eyes is revolutionizing what it means to be an independent artist in the game where industry gatekeepers take supremacy. Shifty Eyes surpasses them promoting directly to fans to show that true authentic talent is the only consideration for respect in a saturated rap industry.

Shifty Eyes deliveries are impeccable on this track with syncopated rap flows coupled with conscious rap lyrics that depict real life situational and flawless storytelling on a complex beat. Shifty Eyes is gaining substantial notoriety on an international scale with a heavy following through various platforms as well as headlining for prominent venues where he grinded substantially as the opening act in the beginning for exposure.  The production aspects cannot be ignored or overlooked as they set the foundation for this rapper’s twisted wordplay.

The engineering/productions works as a supplemental factor where every musical frequency has a dire relation to the overall music. Shifty Eyes holds his own originality without trying to be anything that he is not which a lot of mainstream rappers are trying to push which is utterly incongruent to the rhymes they spit and phony. He possesses genuineness in his music that transcends the formative means of communication through his graceful demeanor.

Shifty Eyes has a great video production team as well that brings about another creative edge reinforcing his mastery of multiple forms of creative expression. His entrepreneurial mindset coupled with an extraordinary amount of enthusiasm is a recipe for mayhem in hitting new pinnacles in a chaotic music industry. Shifty Eyes is simply doing something right with the unprecedented exposure he has gained over the formative months and the wave is only becoming sounder. 


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