Clothing Care Innovator Launches its Third City, With More New Cities On The Horizon

WASHINGTON, DC – 22 Feb, 2017 – Rinse, Inc., today announced it has launched service in its third market: Washington, DC.

Rinse started its innovative dry cleaning and laundry delivery service in San Francisco in September 2013.  Its primary goal has been to remove all of the friction that comes with clothing care and create a high-quality, consistent, and reliable experience for its customers.  By curating and working with only the best cleaning partners, developing a robust technology backbone that supports its operations, and providing world-class customer service, Rinse has been able to do just that.

Rinse has grown rapidly in San Francisco and Los Angeles over the past few years, and has created a differentiated service that its customers love.  Rinse has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 50 with its customers, in an industry where negative NPS is the norm.  Because of that, it has been able to drive best-in-class retention rates and build a strong reputation for quality and service.

With a strong foundation in place in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Rinse is now focused on accelerating its expansion across the United States, and anticipates opening up several new markets in 2017.  Its first stop is our nation’s capital, Washington, DC.

“We’re really excited for Rinse Washington, DC to be our first market outside of California and be an anchor for us on the East Coast.  It’s always been one of our favorite cities.  We’ve built a large wait list over time and our initial response with alpha customers has been incredible, so we knew it was time to officially launch our service here in DC,” said Ajay Prakash, Rinse’s CEO and Co-founder.

“We obsess about providing a high-quality, expert clean on every garment we see,” said James Joun, COO and Co-founder.  Joun learned the importance of quality cleaning from his parents, who have been in the dry cleaning business for 25+ years. “We are thrilled to bring our service to Washington, DC, where high-quality dry cleaning is critical and plays a big role in many people’s day-to-day lives.”  

Rinse has built a differentiated service since it launched over three years ago.  At a time when every new consumer service tried to be “on-demand,” Rinse focused on quality and “smart scheduling” over speed to make sure its service addressed its customer pain points directly. It also chose to take a stand against gender-based dry cleaning prices and charge the same price to dry clean/launder & press both men’s and women’s button down shirts — an uncommon practice among most Dry Cleaners. In addition, Rinse is doing its part to grow its green practices, including only working with cleaners who use environmentally friendly solvents and detergents (and not working with any dry cleaner who uses PERC, a solvent that is a known carcinogen), collecting and donating clothes on behalf of its customers (Rinse has donated over 10 tons of clothing to date), and only working with wash & fold partners who use high efficiency washers (Rinse has helped save over 6 million gallons of water to date).

About Rinse:

Rinse is a consumer service that has created a consistent and seamless clothing care experience for its customers.  Its services include Dry Cleaning, Launder & Press, Wash & Fold, Hang Dry, Repairs, Leather Cleaning, and it even takes Clothing Donations. Rinse combines the high-quality care your clothes deserve with the convenience, simplicity, and dependability your busy schedule demands.  The company was founded by Ajay Prakash and James Joun and is headquartered in San Francisco.

To experience Rinse for yourself, please visit www.rinse.com or download the Rinse mobile app (available on iOS or Android).

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