A New Non-Fiction/Social Science Book About Black Life and Race Relations in America

ATLANTA, GA – 22 Feb, 2017 – The Non-Fiction/Social Science book what’s Up? A Definitive Guide to Surviving Life in Black America has been authored by Mitchell L. Taylor. It has been released on February 22, 2017 by Paradigm Publishing Company LLC in Powder Springs, Georgia USA.

The book is an indepth and through retrospective look into life in Black America and the socio-economic problems that challenge and threaten the very existence of the Black race here in America and around the world. The book delves into such social problems as education, politics, black family, black relationships, economics, black leadership, and the black community. The subject matter is informative, inspiring, educational, and entertaining. The author offers viable action plans to combat the myriad of problems facing Black America (and ALL of America) with a comprehensive blueprint and formula for much needed change.

The author has managed to successfully navigate the many obstacles and pitfalls that have been carelessly or deliberately placed in the path of many black Americans and offers a workable plan for success and prosperity for the many black Americans who face institutional racism, bigotry, abject discrimination and a host of societal issues that are keeping them oppressed and disproportinately targeted because of their race.

The book is on sale at all major booksellers and retail outlets as well as online. The book is available in paperback and ebook formats.

The book is available for sell on the publisher’s website at the following link: http://www.paradigmpublishingco.com

About the Author:

Mitchell L. Taylor is a valued and wonderful author of several different genres of books including Non-Fiction, Social Science, Poetry and Children’s Books. Some upcoming titles include Along Life’s Road: A Collection of Poetry to Touch the Heart and Soul, Slow Poisioning: Reclaiming the Health and Well Being of Black America, This is Why They Fear Us!: The True History of the Black Race, Black Pride/White Privilidge: Confronting the Power of Racial Privilege and Class in America, as well as others.

About the Publisher:

Paradigm Publishing Company LLC is the publisher of these titles which can be obtained on its website for a discount at http://www.paradigmpublishingco.com

Their contact information is as follows:

Paradigm Publishing Co. LLC
PO Box 2076
Powder Springs, GA 30127
Phone: 470-422-2275

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Company Name: Paradigm Publishing Company LLC
Contact Person: Mitchell Taylor
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Phone: 470 422 2275
Country: United States
Website: paradigmpublishingco.com