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Gazella Wifi Announces New SMS and MMS Restaurant Marketing Strategy

OMAHA – 22 Feb, 2017 – Gazella Wifi-Marketing restaurant marketing strategy hit a new milestone Wednesday. Announcing that SMS text messages and MMS messages can now be sent through its wifi marketing platform.

In addition to Gazella’s current restaurant email marketing strategy. It’s yet another way for Gazella to keep customers coming back to their client’s business.

“We have been collecting phone number logins for some time now. Clients often using the data with third party systems. But today, you will now have the choice to be able to send your SMS or MMS messages directly in the Gazella triggers dashboard.” explains Eric Burns, CEO of Gazella Wifi-Marketing.

The feature is optional, but the much anticipated feature appears to be an instant hit.

Back in 2007, Morgan Stanley reported that 91% of Americans keep their mobile devices within arm´s length at all times. This statistic was reinforced in a 2015 study conducted by the Pew Research Center that concluded cellphones and smartphones have become a mainstay in the lives of many Americans.

In an OpenMarket Millional dataset, it was stated that 83% of millennials open SMS messages within 90 seconds of receiving them.

Gazella Wifi plans to tackle this mobile marketing opportunity in restaurant marketing strategies around the world. The Gazella text message triggers are available for use in nearly every country.

SMS messaging is a huge focus for tech companies right now as they look to add ways for businesses to communicate to customers, and for customers to stay glued to their phones.

With this new feature next time you go to your favorite restaurant. When opting in to use the wifi, that restaurant owner could send you a personalized email, asking about your visit, or offering a special deal during your visit. 

To turn on Gazella’s new SMS/MMS features, you can log onto your Gazella account and view the updated trigger options.

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