The “Do You See Me” Movement Empowers Women of Color through Artistic Expression

In an era when minorities and women face diminishing freedom, initiatives like the “Do You See Me” Movement are more important than ever. Started by artist, educator and muralist Mujer Muralista, the “Do You See Me” Movement helps girls and women of color, as well as their communities, to view themselves as strong, dynamic forces for change. The movement uses mural creation in the community as a platform for self-empowerment and communication of identity.

Founded in August 2015, in Mujer Muralista’s native Oakland, CA, the “Do You See Me” Movement has blossomed into a widely recognized program with ties to other movements around the world, including Saphichay in Peru.  In an effort to raise awareness about minority and women’s issues, Mujer Muralista will lead a tour through Peru, Chile and Canada in 2017-2018, as well as the states New York, South Carolina, North Dakota, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona.  This tour will offer art festivals and mural workshops.  It will also feature the movement’s signature theme, members holding signs with “Do You See Me?” written in their native language. The tour will work closely with schools of indigenous communities. Eventually, Mujer plans to take her tour to South Africa and Indonesia.

In order to secure the $20,000 needed to pay for workshops, painting days, permits, scaffolding and transportation, the “Do You See Me” Movement has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. If you cannot support this campaign financially, please consider donating airline mileage points or BLICK art gift cards.  If you can refer the “Do You See Me” Movement to your hometown galleries, community centers or mural sites, that would also be greatly appreciated.  Please share this project through social media, as well.

To learn more about the “Do You See Me” Movement or to make a donation, please visit

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