On Demand Alcohol Delivery Company, Booze Up, Puts Staff At Forefront To Build A Stronger Brand during 2017

People Power Drives The Success Of London’s ‘Booze Up’ Service

London, UK – Entrepreneurial on-demand service ‘Booze Up’ has revealed the secret to their establishing success, after launching an increasingly popular alcohol delivery service across London and surrounding areas.

The brand, who pride themselves on delivering over 155 different products including a vast array of alcohol, cigarettes and even pizza, has credited ‘people power’ as being the driving factor. Unlike many corporate services, Booze Up have decided to put people before profit, ensuring their staff are well paid, valued and recognised for their talents.

The staff commitment from Booze Up is a welcomed announcement, following some recent high profile cases which have seen other similar business models come under scrutiny for unacceptable pay conditions. Deliveroo was recently criticised by the government, who ordered them to pay couriers more fairly, with sharing economy platform ‘Jinnapp’ facing a rebellion after failing to pay their staff what was owed.

This isn’t the first time these issues have arisen either. Last year taxi company ‘Uber’ were directed to treat drivers as employed staff, as were Hermes who, it is alleged, paid staff below the national minimum wage.

Co-founder, Ashleigh Fletcher has spent a number of years in the corporate environment, experiencing first hand just how poorly staff can be treated in a profit orientated environment. Ashleigh commented: “People are the blood of any company, but many organisations completely fail to see that – content, happy and a respected workforce will drive a company forward far better than any other.”

Ashleigh continued: “At Booze Up, we are always keen to find the very best people for each job. We’re committed to paying our staff great rates, insist that our drivers keep 100% of all tips, and their pay is never late. It’s simple, we treat people correctly, and as a result, our retention rate is extremely high; it’s not a difficult concept.”

‘Booze Up’ have publicly stated that staff form the backbone of their service and will always take primacy as the business looks forward to further growth in 2017.

About Booze Up:

Fast, easy and affordable, Booze-Up aim to deliver alcohol and cigarettes within 15-35 minutes of an order being placed. Stocking well over 155 products that include a large beer delivery section, house, premium or platinum wine delivery, an extensive champagne menu, a selection of snacks and food, as well as pizza – all available for fast delivery across London, Surrey, Kent & Middlesex.

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