Creative Bioarray Continues to Update Its Services Types

Staffed by scientists with extensive knowledge, on Febraury, 23, 2017, Creative Bioarray continues to fulfill its promise to carry out more efficient and applicable services and products to facilitate researchers’ project in cell biology.

This service update is mainly focusing on the in vitro metabolism due to its wide application and good features. The major goals of in vitro metabolism evaluation are identifying major metabolic pathways and enzymes, evaluating the effects of the test drug on the metabolism of other drugs or vice versa. There are many assays included in in vitro metabolism. Two kinds of services should be mentioned – hepatocyte stability assay, S9 stability assay. In addition to these, a newly-developed product – hepatic cell is also worth mentioning.

Hepatocyte Stability Assay

Equipped with great approaches, Creative Bioarray can offer high-quality hepatocyte stability assay with delivering consistent and accurate data. Hepatocytes, in Creative Bioarray, include a full range of both phase I and phase II hepatic drug metabolizing enzymes in order to meet the requirements of determining the in vitro clearance of a compound. What’s more, Creative Bioarray also published assay protocol on its website, which can serve as a reference.

S9 stability assay

Just like hepatocyte stability assay, the highly cost-efficient S9 stability assay can also work well in some in vitro metabolism research fields. However, compared to hepatocytes, S9 stability assay is not only much more easier to handle but also sustains the major part of both phase I and phase II drug metabolizing enzymes. So it is also recognized as the perfect alternatives for in vitro drug metabolism studies.

Hepatic cells

These newly-developed cells from Creative Bioarray are isolated from human tissue. In Creative Bioarray, nearly 33 types of human hepatic cells, such as human liver carcinoma epithelial cells, human liver sinusoidal microvascular endothelial cells and so on, can be offered to meet different requirements. All of these cells can be used to understand the hepatic system or desired research applications. On its website, Creative Bioarray has listed its all cells for reference.

“These newly-developed services and products are tested repeatly for their features and applications in Creative Bioarray. We are dedicated to offer fast and integrated services of the highest quality to accelerate the drug discovery,” said, Dr. Peterson.

Relying on fast updating speed and professional knowledge, Creative Bioarray is promising to be one of the fantastic leaders in cell biology field. 

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