Singer Austin Redmon Releases New Video for His Single “Just Like I Want You”

Independent artist Austin Redmon drops a relaxing video yet energizing vibe with “Just Like I Want You”

Jersey City, New Jersey – February 23, 2017 – If there is a musician that encompasses a mood which soothes yet stimulates the soul from the burning ears to the tapping feet, check out the talents of Austin Redmon.

This New Jersey native embodies R&B with inspired vocal harmonies that float every and every way, backed by a refreshing attitude that strays from vocal hysteria to drive the emotional points across. Though Austin’s debut single, “Just Like I Want You” was released last year, he has innovated the genre, mixing different sounds and beats, which signifies the sincere commitment of his craft for a lifetime to come.

With an inventive cinematography, the video is visually stimulating showcasing the artistic beauty of a committed Singer.

Dancer Shiran Baruchian says, “Working with Austin is Amazing. He just cares about use so much and everything around. He’s a true perfectionist – like everything has got to be on point the way he wants it.”

Asked to comment on his artistic aims, Austin writes, “Music feeds the Mind, Body, and Soul. Music is a very powerful tool that could heal the world.”

“I feel so excited that my video ‘Just Like I Want You’ is finally released for all of my fans to enjoy. It’s just the beginning of more great things to come,” he added.

The video for the Single would be released on Wednesday, February 22, 2017.

The Single, “Just Like I Want You” is available on SoundCloud:

About Austin Redmon

Austin Redmon is a professional Singer, Songwriter, Dancer and Actor. The Jersey City, NJ native has gained recognition by fans for his unique musical talents. Although his genre is in R&B/Soul, Austin has innovated the genre, mixing different sounds and beats.

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