Best Farming Systems combines technology and best agricultural practices to make new product – TM Agricultural

Canadian agricultural giant, Best Farming Systems, announces the launch of a revolutionary agricultural product to enhance farming systems and produce, while preserving the ecosystem and stimulating the soil biology.

Best Farming Systems of Canada recently announced the launch of its new ground-breaking product, CFIA registered – TM Agricultural. Although, this product has been sold around the world for the past 17 years and is manufactured in Canada, the fact that it is now registered and available in Canada is remarkable.  The product is a perfect match of bio technology and best farming practices, helping to enhance productivity and fertility of the soil, while preserving the ecosystem.

Modern technologies have made giant strides in enhancing the practice of agriculture but in most cases, this has had adverse effects on the environment, with natural ecosystems been disturbed and broken down, thanks to chemicals and machines used in mechanized farming.

The recent demand to increase production amidst limited space has further led to depletion of soil quality, with animals also receiving their share of the adversity. Best Farming Systems with the introduction of such products like TM Agriculture which ranks as one of the best Bio-stimulates in the market, activates the native biology in all soil types and subsequently boosts crop production.

The unique product is made from a wide range of organic and natural components that have been thoroughly treated to ensure the safety of the soil and agricultural produce, with each batch of the product taking as long as four months to produce.

TM Agricultural can be mixed with other herbicides, as unlike other products, TM Ag contains no added biology besides the natural products used in manufacturing it. The product is specifically designed to be used on crops, with the first application done with the first pre-seeding herbicide application, and the second application done with the in-crop herbicide.

Other products from the agricultural giant include a wide range of Foliar Fertilizers, Seed Germination, Trash Accelerator, ph Adjuster, and H2O2 (29% Hydrogen Peroxide). All the products are made from natural ingredients, with the primary aim of boosting fertility and enhancing soil health.

About Best Farming Systems

Best Farming Systems is an agricultural solutions provider, under the Best Environmental Technologies Inc. umbrella. Founded by Jim Watson, in a bid to achieve his mission of helping farmers to grow healthy crops, the company was incorporated in 1999 and has since manufactured different agricultural products made to rejuvenate soils and improve farmers’ profitability.

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