Launches New Company Newsletter for January

CANADA – 23 Feb, 2017 – Canada’s leading developer and provider of medical test preparation software,, has released its January newsletter. This newsletter covers several updates to the site and topics helpful for individuals studying for licensing and placement examinations.

In the current newsletter, CanadaQBank announces its brand new mobile site, which allows test-takers to study on-the-go from anywhere they can access the internet. The software is now optimized for desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and a variety of mobile smartphones. This provides even more flexibility for those who like to fit study sessions into their busy days. It offers all the same functionality as the original site, but has been optimized to fit a smaller screen. Upon login, students can sync their accounts. This allows users to take a practice exam on the computer, then run a report from that exam on a mobile device – or vice-versa.

CanadaQBank also announces their addition of 3212 questions for the Saudi Medical Licensing Exam, or SMLE. This will allow Canadian students to prepare themselves in all the various topics found on the exam. Students can generate tests based on their personal parameters, and they can run reports to help them discover where they excel and where they should focus their study time.

Finally, CanadaQBank has provided a very helpful and in-depth guide written specifically for international medical graduates who are interested in practicing medicine in Canada. It gives graduates information about the steps they should take before arriving in Canada and after their arrival. It’s a step-by-step guide to getting a medical license in Canada, including the qualifications and the steps involved in taking the actual exams.

Media Contact
Company Name: CanadaQBank
Contact Person: Asad Raza
Country: Canada