When AI meets securitization, what sparks of wealth will be kindled by Plogis?

The global financial market is faced with a special revolution, where innovative products and technologies are constantly emerging and transnational financial activities become normalized. These will change the traditional way of financing. The current financial market has undoubtedly created more efficient mechanisms for borrowers and lenders, investors, and speculators while providing more investment opportunities. Originating from the U.S. in the 1970s, a “securitized” financial instrument is hailed as one of the most successful innovations in the field of global finance in nearly three decades. At present, the securitization market established by the Americans is growing at breathtaking speed in countries all over the world and has achieved unprecedented development. 

The coexistence of risk and benefit is the common Pareto principle of financial markets, and securitization is no exception. A series of uncontrollable reasons, such as unpredictable risk and high price volatility, cause a failure to master wealth laws accurately, resulting in losses. Fortunately, under the background of prevalent abuses of the securities market, there is always someone who is not satisfied with the current situation, who will break the deadlock, and who will reshape the market with original technologies and unparalleled insights for the security industry. Today, that is Plogis Investment Corporation, a subsidiary of the GAIN Capital Group. 

In the post-mobile internet era, Plogis knows very well that AI is deeply affecting all aspects of public life, whether it be clothing, food, lodging, and transportation. A new cycle, known as intelligent+ that targets technological innovation changing the mechanical age, is approaching. Meanwhile, realizing the intelligentization of securities is a problem that has never been explored or breached by global institutions. Plogis Investment Corporation has concentrated on researching the problem for many years from all aspects. Today, it finally breaks through the technical barrier and successfully introduces core technology that will rock the world of finance – SCQ, the world’s top cloud computing technology. 

As the world’s top cloud computing technology, SCQ features strong resource integration by “dividing and conquering”, as well as integrating all kinds of security products and first hand real-time data. It avoids risks in real time by intelligently analyzing data to break the Pareto principle of the financial market. In addition, it forcefully eliminates chronic issues of the market to retrieve exchange quotations intelligently from all aspects while discriminating and trading in a scientific and intelligent way. Such unique and intelligent technology should be integrated with a powerful and intelligent platform. Only in this way can the intellectual securities market fully perform its role. Therefore, Plogis has launched its exclusive GIA platform, an intelligent securities trading platform which automatically transmits transactional data to users in real time, estimates high-quality products, screens trading outliers, and allocates daily trading profits to users. 

To achieve the goal of “zero risk” and inject “stability” into the overall trading process, which the market has made extremely necessary, Plogis Investment Corporation strategically binds the platform based on offline entity profits. Once losses appear, it can transfer funds to investors in real time as compensation. 

If you have missed your chance in the stock market and the real estate market, you shall not miss the new era of securities intelligence as initiated by the Plogis Investment Corporation.  

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