In a Story About Erasing Debt, Preacher Devised a Riveting Heist

New crime thriller “Jubilee: Heist to Erase Debt” by author Joseph Preacher is gaining interest with one of the most ambitious heists imaginable – erasing everyone’s record of debt.

New York, NY, February 24, 2017: The modern economy is fueled by rising debts given sky-rocketing expenses and growing needs. How would it be if one fine day all of your debts just vanished into thin air? This is the goal behind JUBILEE, an ingenious computer worm. Weaved by author Joseph Preacher, this new book tells a timely yet timeless plot of a brilliant heist which aims to take down the oppressive system of debt!

Now available in ebook, print and audio on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Scribd, Nook, Kobo, and more, the book has already started making waves, garnering a stellar 5 out of 5 ratings from thrilled readers.



“Great edge of your seat thriller. Can’t help but vote for the “bad” guys in this one…”read one happy reviewer on Amazon.

“Mr. Preacher duly held my focus and attention & his tale, albeit zeroed on an insurmountable goal, yet evolved into quite a believable story”, Kevin Wright is another elated Jubilee fan.

Roman Hawker is the mastermind. Bryce Kingston is the conman. Reggie Dymond is the hacker. Burton Warner is the muscle. Hope Warner is the cat burglar. Together, they make the perfect crew of modern day thieves. And they are anything but typical. They take on the most daring capers and nobody can catch them. Not even FBI ASAC, Tim Steep and his edgy Cyber Action Team.

“With consumer and student debts rising at an alarming pace, I was contemplating on whether something like this (a heist to erase debt) could be possible or not. After some extensive research, I developed my story and it’s great to see how much my readers have enjoyed it”, stated the author while talking about his book.

A tech, politics and economics junkie, Preacher is always fascinated by the endless possibilities of the world. A former Marine with an extensive background in corporate finance and a gifted lifelong creative, he is forever exploring the world through story. “Jubilee” is his debut novel.

After a successful robbery, Roman and his partners-in-crime are ready to celebrate, but that celebration is short-lived when they are shaken by the death of Roman’s estranged father. When the facts leading up to his father’s death come to light, Roman’s friends rally around him to execute their most harrowing plan.

Jubilee, an ingenious malware derived from the infamous Stuxnet, is the only thing that can accomplish their objective. But it’s impossible to infiltrate the systems that Jubilee needs to corrupt. Thus, with his best friends and determined with the zeal to free everybody from the bondage of debt, the modern-day Robin Hood sets out on the most dangerous, ambitious and phenomenal heist ever, while evading the FBI and a shadowy government contractor!

Can Roman and his crew risk it all and achieve the impossible?

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