Directable Certifies AirTV from Dish Network for use as Digital Signage

SEATTLE, WA – 24 Feb, 2017 – Directable, Inc. a leader in the emerging cloud-driven digital signage market, announced that the AirTV from Dish Network passed its certification test. 

The Directable system allows a user to easily update digital screens from a central location – their Directable Cloud Portal. With a few clicks, Directable TVs can be updated anywhere in the world using the local Wi-Fi. The system is designed for do-it-yourselfers. No special technical knowledge is required for setup or operation.

When Directable is installed – audience engagement increases – and sales go up. Directable fills an important role in a business’ multi-channel marketing efforts.

James Bratsanos, CTO of Directable said, “The Air TV player passed our basic signage application use case test successfully. It’s obviously a well-engineered product. Cord-cutters can now confidently extend the use of their Air TV player to digital signage.”

Instructions for setting up the Air TV with Directable can be found on the company website. Also, customers can sign up for a free 30 day trial to try out the service without obligation.

Founded in 2012, Directable is rapidly becoming the digital signage offering of choice for businesses of all sizes. Any business running promotions, such as restaurants, retailers and bars see their sales increase immediately when Directable is installed. Other organizations, such as schools and manufacturers, use Directable to educate people about important information. Directable is also being adopted by large nationwide franchise organizations such as metroPCS. Franchise owners enjoy the local control of content, while franchise organizations can have complete control over branding.

For more information, please go to the Directable home page.

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