Multiple Major Worldwide Music Awards Winner Victorious Marcus’ Upcoming Feature Album with A List Celebrities to be Released in Summer, 2017 with Universal Music Group

Acclaimed singer and songwriter Victorious Marcus is all set to release his new album with A-List Celebrities by Summer, 2017. Victorious is an Akademia Music Awards Winner of “Best Song” for ‘No Abuse’ including “Honorable Mention” for the song ‘You Will Hear Me.’

Noted singer, songwriter, actor, model and former Junior Olympic Gold Medalist Victorious Marcus is pleased to reveal that his upcoming album with A-List Celebrities is all set to be released in Summer, 2017. Victorious’ previous album’s popular number ‘No Abuse’ received the Akademia Music Awards for the “Best Song.” A member of Oscars-Academy Awards Foundation, Victorious has recently signed a distribution contract with the Universal Music Group. The list of his sponsors include, familiar names including LA Clippers, Park Place Cali, Warheads Candy, Cici’s Pizza and Superfood Nutrition Group.

Raised in hometown, of Houston, Texas, Victorious Marcus attended the same school of performing arts as Beyonce Knowles at Welch Middle School. The multi-talented musician has been featured in widely followed television shows such as ‘90210’ and ‘The Hannah Montana Show.’ His name has been associated frequently with several well-known magazines, commercials, and movies. Victorious’ music has consistently shared the top ranks in some of the most popular national and global radio stations.

The big break in Victorious Marcus’ musical journey came in December 2015, when his song ‘No Abuse’ was selected as the “Best Song” by the Akademia Music Awards. His song ‘You Will Hear Me’ also earned the “Honorable Mention.”  

Within his short yet eventful career, Victorious has received phenomenal reviews from the music enthusiasts and critics around the world. “Victorious Marcus keeps it real on ‘No Abuse’, a skillful and insightful treatise on how to deal judiciously with others while demonstrating serious songwriting and musical talent,” according to the Akademia Music Awards.

Victorious is looking to accomplish new heights with the upcoming launch of his new album.  Currently, in the works, the album will be available for download on iTunes within the summer this year.

Discussing the upcoming launch of his new music album, Victorious said, “Work is on for the upcoming release of my new album, and we hope to release it by summer. There will be plenty of excitement for the music lovers around the world. Please stay tuned for further updates.”

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About Victorious Marcus: Victorious Marcus is a singer, songwriter, actor, model, and former Junior Olympic Gold Medalist. His popular number ‘No Abuse’ has received the Akademia Music Awards for the “Best Song.” It has been #1 on major FM Radio charts for five consecutive weeks. Victorious has also featured frequently in popular magazines, commercials, and movies.  


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