Share Lawyers Helps Single Mom Struggling with Mental Illness Get Back on Her Feet

TORONTO, ON – 24 Feb, 2017 – Ontario’s leading disability law firm, Share Lawyers, gave a single mom struggling with mental illness hope and the means to provide for her family after losing her job.

Ariane, a client of Share Lawyers and a single mom, suffers from a potent combination of OCD and anxiety. By some miracle, Ariane managed to conceal her symptoms at work for years. Last year, her OCD symptoms worsened and she began to struggle on the job. She was easily distracted and began to fixate on germs and random patterns. Her productivity declined and her fixations caught the attention of her supervisor. Ariane observed the change in her own behaviour and proactively reached out to her doctor with the intention to take some time off work to recover. Her doctor supported her plan to take a mental health leave of absence.

Before she could discuss the possibility of leave with her employer, Ariane was fired. Ariane was devastated but managed to pull herself together and apply for her Disability benefits. To her dismay, the insurance company denied her claim, citing her termination as the reason that she was ineligible to collect disability benefits. Luckily, Ariane’s parents found a brochure for Share Lawyers and encouraged her to reach out to the law firm.

“Our team is proud to be advocates of a community of people who are disenfranchised by their long and short-term disability insurance providers,” said David Share, president of Share Lawyers.

Share Lawyers took Ariane’s case and won by proving that she had reached out to her physician before her termination. She was awarded the benefits she deserved, which will allow her to provide for her family while seeking the medical attention she needs.

Since its inception over 30 years ago, Share Lawyers has been committed to helping real people. “It is a great honour and privilege to be able to assist people when they are most vulnerable and be able to stand up to insurance companies that have denied their claims,” explained Mr. Share. That’s why Share Lawyers does not charge unless they win the case.

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