Recruitment Intelligence™, Staffing Agency, Fills IT Support Specialist Role

Recruitment Intelligence™ filled an IT Support Specialist position as a staffing agency to one of the largest suppliers of office supplies. The position is a 1-year contract and the person will be responsible for providing desktop user support, open and close tickets, troubleshoot hardware, troubleshoot encryption and system configuration issues and managing equipment.

Recruitment Intelligence has filled many similar positions to this previously as a recruiting agency for companies with large IT divisions. Recruitment Intelligence frequently places candidates who have experience in desktop and phone support, imaging PCs and asset management. They also place candidates with software mapping, JAVA programming,, Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual Studio, UI design, Delphi and Linq experience.

Recruitment Intelligence’s main department is IT staffing. Recruitment Intelligence also has divisions for software development staffing, executive staffing, finance recruiting, engineering recruitment, healthcare staff, accounting recruiting, legal, insurance, management and telecommunications. Recruitment Intelligence is one of the few recruiting agencies that has multiple departments across a wide range of industries.

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About Recruitment Intelligence™

Recruitment Intelligence™, a division of ARC Group, provides a solution that empowers companies by giving them access to the 85% of candidates not actively seeking employment (passive candidates). Clients receive a full report that compiles real-time market analytics including salary and benefits data, both on a local and national scale, as well as recorded video interviews of qualified candidates.

Our research based talent mapping solution is perfect for companies of all sizes and is a refreshing alternative to typical Recruitment Agencies. We handle searches in all major cities, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Boston, New York City, Washington, Minneapolis, Raleigh, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, etc.

No matter what your hiring needs, we can help you secure the talent you would never get access to through running ads alone.

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