Arava announces shampoo with botanical ingredients that enrich skin and coat of dogs

Product provides skin nourishment, fights fungi and bacteria, and treat dermatological condition

Arava announces Skin and Coat Intensive Bio-Care, an aromatherapy antibacterial, antifungal shampoo for dog care. The product which is formulated with premium Dead Sea minerals is indicated for treating irritations and skin problems in dogs, like inflammations, infections and hot spots. It cleanses deep within the dog’s undercoat to enrich the follicles, which produces a beautiful and shiny coat without any dandruff. Skin and Coat Intensive Bio-Care contain 28 natural active ingredients with antifungal and antibacterial properties that heal most skin fungal and bacterial infections dogs pick inside and outside the house.

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“Man’s best friend deserves the best treatment they can get. This shampoo is made from Dead Sea minerals in factories in the Dead Sea and not China or Spain as some other products claim. We want dog owners to have access to products that don’t contain any chemicals or toxins which can lead to problems for the pets,” said Senia Waldberg.

Skin and Coat Intensive Bio-Care is the choice product for people who love dogs and want to keep them healthy. The ingredients in the shampoo enrich the skin and coat of the dog, allowing it to grow and glow in beauty. It fights infections on the skin of the dog and treats dermatological conditions like hot spots, abrasions, and scrapes. The shampoo is 100% organic and a skin-safe healthy alternative to chemical based shampoo that is dangerous to pets, kids and the environment.

“Our long haired shepherd had dandruff or skin problems and white scales when you brushed her. I gave her a (fast mostly on her back) Bath in this shampoo. It’s been a month. No white dander yet. I’m so impressed I’m telling my Vet about this shampoo. She’s a happy camper now! Love this shampoo,” said Martha B.

Apart from the Skin and Coat Intensive Bio-Care, Arava also offers other quality dog and pet care products available on the Arava Amazon store, like the therapeutic black mud for itches and hot spots relief. Customers can also shop for the Arava pet ear wipes that remove dirt and wax from dog ears and prevent odors. The pet eye wipes prevent tearstains, infections, and irritation, and removes crust and discharge. Also, because there is no such product for humans, some of the pet owners use some of these shampoos on themselves (This is not a joke, it really happened. There is even a video about it).

About Arava – Dead Sea pet spa

Arava – Dead Sea pet spa offer a range of pet care products made from natural ingredients and free of chemicals. The products help protect pets from about 500 insect species, to safeguard the animals and stimulate good health.

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