E-Splash eLiquid by iBliss has been featured in Mr. Checkout What’s Hot Catalog for Direct-Store Delivery Distributors and Wagon-Jobbers Nationwide

With public health, customer service, growth and a full range of services at a great price point iBliss now wholeheartedly enters the American market place.
E-Splash is the “eLiquid” used in re-fillable e-cigarettes. Expert mixologists – using the purest and most luxurious ingredients possible, ensures 30ML of clear, sweet eLiquid, offered with 0,3,6 and 12MG of American nicotine. These strengths satisfy every customer in the growing markets of vapers and those seeking alternative tobacco.

iBliss Inc. continues the fight to save a billion lives! Even Big Tobacco and Pharmaceutical companies are investing strategically.

“iBliss has had tremendous growth over the past 3 years of being in business which includes sales throughout North America and recently adding several international markets in Europe, the Middle East and Russia which has it on track to reach $15,000,000 in sales.” – https://goo.gl/Yod6CB

With public health, customer service, growth and a full range of services at great margins – especially for American companies purchasing at Canadian prices, iBliss is an obvious competitive edge. The company has worked with the top brands, by manufacturing and or distributing their lines internationally. Their newest commercial project, entails working with Mr. Checkout to distribute E-Splash, a cost effective; premium eLiquid, throughout the U.S.A.

Starting out with a dire need to stop smoking, it was exceptionally hard for the founder to find quality eliquids in Canada. Necessity being the mother of invention, he began developing his own product. He contracted a local lab to test his liquids and sourced the best ingredients from across the world to satisfy his ruthless diligence to create the best.

The store gained local recognition for the founders creations and a viable business began to emerge. Having friends who honestly loved and believed in the product, a team of classically trained, corporately successful entrepreneurs were brought onboard. Being first to market presented challenges, but overall, a superb advantage in the emerging culture.

Economies of scale were applied, a new facility which housed an ISO7 laboratory and was now registered with the FDA and the margins proved to be extraordinary. iBliss was ready to take Canada by storm. Being professionals in a largely DIY market accelerated their growth further. Their sales team started frequenting trade shows and were wildly successful – and yes iBliss grew into a much larger facility again.

Today, “iBliss possesses in house manufacturing of its own line of e-liquids products in a certified and regulated laboratory. iBliss’s sales continue to grow with demand for Vaporizer’s and e-liquids surging internationally. The company also intends on launching consumer health related products through its liquids for use in vaporizers, which will also result in substantial growth.” – https://goo.gl/Yod6CB

By developing a strong social campaign and raising awareness of the benefits of switching to eLiquid as an alternative to tobacco we intend to educate the population and in turn supplement sales to those currently being affected by declining tobacco sales. “Overall, 68.8% of current [American] smokers indicated they wanted to stop smoking…” – https://goo.gl/P08zYt

Customers are demanding a healthier, flavorful and fun experience. The company answers demand by initially offering six flavors: American Tobacco, Menthol, Smooth Tobacco, Starburzt, Caramel Popcorn, Blueberry Cotton Candy in 30ML bottles and your choice of 0, 3, 6, 12 MG of nicotine.

The company’s full catalog of services include: dedicated account managers, shipment tracking, private labeling, co-packaging and limited distribution internationally. The company has a strong focus on supporting their vendors: distributors, DSD distributors, wholesalers, retail outlets such as smoke shops and provides solutions to all new opportunities.

“We are dedicated to bringing a viable solution to those trying to quit smoking and those currently vaping – known as the flavor chasers, as well as a full range of services,” stated Hung Tran, CEO iBliss Inc.

To learn more about the expansion plans, pricing or to book an interview, contact Avin Ram: 1-855-682-5477 or email, avin@iblissvapor.com, or visit the website at www.iblissvapor.com

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