Noted Filmmaker and Social Commentator Anthony B. Rodriguez Embarks on a New Stage in His Cultural Revolution

For almost a decade, Anthony B. Rodriguez has been a thought leader in environmental activism and self-empowerment.  His popular YouTube channel Revolutionofthought1 has showcased how he has made conscious changes to his life in an effort to live in harmony with the planet. He has learned to forage for wild food, grow his own food and learn about how other cultures live self-sufficiently.

In the course of living a more natural life, Anthony has traveled the globe taking photographs, producing hundreds of videos and making two feature films, including one about the Amazon jungle.  He plans on making more inspirational films that celebrate environmental and social consciousness, but is lacking the requisite equipment. Once he acquires the filmmaking equipment, Anthony plans to cover some of the world’s most troubling challenges, and potential solutions.

In order to obtain the equipment necessary to produce his films, Anthony B. Rodriguez has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. In addition to helping the world, when you back this project, you may also receive valuable perks like an online screening of the next feature film, a video “Thank You,” film credit, or a Producer credit on the film. 

To learn more about Anthony B. Rodriguez or to make a donation to this worthy project, please visit

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Company Name: Development Funds For Feature Films
Contact Person: Anthony Rodriguez
Country: United States