Is Origins Science Biased? A ground breaking book.

Brisbane, Australia – Philip Andrews is throwing open the question that everyone is too scared to ask and is doing it through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to conduct research for the book, titled “Is Origins Science Biased?”

“This is a ground breaking book and ground breaking research,” says Mr. Andrews, “this project is throwing open the question that everyone is too scared to ask.  But it’s time origins scientists are held accountable so that we the people are assured of freedom of information and freedom of inquiry.”

The key to this project is research and this will be done in the form of a survey which will gather the expert opinions of scientists whose input will be an integral part of the book.

The more people surveyed the better the book will be and we the people will have a greater benefit from the results.  Do you want freedom of inquiry?   Then take this opportunity to back this project or better still promote this project or send out the survey to as many people as possible.

“Your support as a backer will be what enables me to conduct the research to bring this book into reality.  The funding will be used to interview scientists to determine if Origins Science is in fact biased?” says Mr. Andrews.  “But I can’t do this alone, to reach more scientists with the survey I need a crowd of people to send the survey to scientists, science educators, science students or anyone interested. The more surveys sent out the more accurate the results will be. So please email me at and I can send you the survey as a pdf.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can receive the reward of a copy of the finished book.

For more information, please email or check out the campaign here:

Media Contact
Company Name: The Origins Survey
Contact Person: Philip Andrews
Country: Australia