Prince Dykes’ ‘The Investor Channel’ Reaches Ten Thousand Subscribers on YouTube

Pearl City, HI – ‘The Investor Show’ by award winning author, investment advisor and speaker, Prince Dykes, is going places. The YouTube channel has proudly announced achieving 10,000 subscribers and an average 170,000 minutes per month of watch time in a short period since it was launched in 2013. On top of that, the social media following of the show now totals over 45,000 subscribers.

Visiting ‘The Investor Show’ channel has never been so exciting. Prince Dykes has developed a knack for conducting interviews, explaining the basics of investing, and guiding investors into the ways of prudent and profitable investment. His motto, ‘Grand Advice For The Common Investor’, explains the massive following he has developed for the show as well as for his podcast on the Investor show, which has now crossed over 5,000 downloads/views, with an average of 400 downloads per month. The music for the podcast is produced by Byron Turner (Byron J). 

With Prince Dykes, viewers can now watch and listen to some of the celebrated names from the world of finance. These include Founding Executive and Senior VP of Yahoo Ellen Siminoff,  business mogul Micheal V. Roberts, Cookie legend Wally “Famous” Amos, CNN financial contributor, Clyde Anderson; the Wall Street billion dollar fund manager, James Foytlin; multi-millionaire penny stock trader, Timothy Sykes, former pro NFL athlete Marques Ogden and many more.

For investors who seek out expert advice, Prince Dykes, MBA, IAR, SA, is no stranger. The three times award winning author and military veteran founded the Royal Financial Investment Group in 2013 while launching The Investor Show in the same year. Two years later, he authored the now famous children’s book, Wesley Learns to Invest”, and launched the world’s first venture capitalist app, “IABOH”. He then ventured into angel investing with DeWalt Brewing Company and The Global Gallery. The year 2016 saw him turn executive producer for the animated Wesley Learns”, and the launch of podcast series, The Investor Show”. With over 45,000 active social media followers, Prince Dykes is now an established name in the world of finance.

This is a great show! Dykes is a great interviewer, and his prep work shows in his interviews. The questions are great, and the show is super informative. It’s hard to believe how big this business is going to get,” said one recent reviewer of the ‘The Investor Show’.

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