Hover Boards and Self Balancing Scooters Help Riders Get a Lot of Fun, a top seller of hover boards and self balancing scooters, recently launched their latest hover board products. The company attends a series of trade fairs worldwide every year., a top manufacturer and seller of hover board and self balancing scooters, recently launched their latest selection of hover boards and self balancing scooters. Some of the hover board products are Bluetooth enabled, while some basic models do not come with the feature.

The owners said that three major types of hover boards are now available in their e-store, which include 6.5 inch hover boards, 8 inch self balancing scooters and 10 inch self balancing scooters. self balancing scooters self balancing scooters are especially designed for those who are learning riding only on flat surfaces. The manufacturers indicated that the scooters are not really suitable for riding on highways and interstates and said that these small vehicles can ideally be used inside communities, where traffic is minimal and the riders have least chance to come across bigger vehicles. They also said that a mini segway is a suitable alternative to bicycles and it is intended for people who are not interested in paddling. factory

In addition to putting high emphasis on technological innovation, the manufacturer also puts equally high emphasis on ergonomics and design of the products they roll out. One of the engineers working for the Guangdong, China based company said that they always keep the trendy lifestyle of their users while designing and engineering their products.

“We have to understand that the 2 wheel board users are mostly young people and they have a relatively fast lifestyle. They are surrounded by, and at times obsessed with cool gadgets and the challenge before our manufacturing team was to integrate some of those cool gadgets such as Bluetooth etc in the hover boards”, said one of the chief engineers of

The engineer also added that buyers who want to stay in the loop about their latest technological innovations, such as self balancing scooter and other products, can also follow their official Instagram account. “Whenever we launch a new product, it’s always visible to our Instagram followers as we always try to stay connected with our followers on social media”, he added while talking to the press here in Shenzhen.

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About the Company is a manufacturer and online seller of hover boards. The company attends a series of trade fair worldwide every year.

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