Long awaited marketplace for buying and selling websites ready for launch in Mid-March

Site offer users a simple system with great features and responsive customer service

TradeMySite announced the launch of their website, which has been created to help solve all problems people face when trying to sell or buy a website. The company offers the world’s smartest platform where entrepreneurs, website owners, website traders, and startups, can connect and do business with fast customer support and smooth user interface. Unlike its competitors, TradeMySite eliminates the painful queuing system, allowing buyers place a direct bid for the seller to evaluate and approve. The site is fraud and scam prove, ensuring complete protection of the buyer, with the integration of personalization features like the advanced user dashboard.

The website will be launching Mid-March, but the beta version is available at: http://beta.trademysite.com/

“TradeMySite was created out of the desire to find a lasting solution to the problems people face when they want to purchase or auction a site. We are a team consisting of expert Growth hackers, bloggers, sales executive, professional writers, hardcore web developers etc. with over 6+ years of experience. Four years of experience buying and selling websites on sites like flippa.com made us understand that more needed to be done. Our platform is designed to be scam proof, fast, easy and reliable, offering sellers great tools and features while also protecting the buyer,” said Vipin Verma.

When it finally launches, TradeMySite will be the smartest and best platform for anyone to sell and buy a website. The company is starting with small and medium enterprises, and already in talks with customers from the US, Malaysia, Ireland and different states and territories in India. The company has received a formal note of confirmation from business personnel and investors and is already having 32261 subscribers who are ready to list their websites on TradeMySite once it finally launches.

“Reading through the list of features that will be provided by TradeMySite gives me confidence that a new dawn is about to begin. I have been a regular buyer on several sites, and I can tell you the experience is not encouraging at all. I am convinced that the site will soon become the ideal place to buy and sell quality and useful websites,” said Frank E, a customer.

TradeMySite wants to make the issue of scams, bad customer service and unfair treatment a history. The site will be providing 24×7 live customer support, integrated chat platform for buyers and sellers, basic and paid advanced due diligence, free transfer service of assets and exclusive marketplace for premium members. Also, if customers detect any bugs or errors, or they require any modifications while browsing the beta version, they can inform the TMS support team.

About TradeMySite

TradeMySite is a marketplace for buying and selling websites. The site offers exclusive features that make site auctioning easy, profitable and simple, by utilizing quick customer support and smooth user interface.

For more information, please contact +91.8077088529, contact@trademysite.com, or visit www.trademysite.com

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Media Contact
Company Name: Trade My Site Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: Vipin Verma
Email: contact@trademysite.com
Phone: +91.8077088529
Country: India
Website: http://www.trademysite.com/