Videobold: Professional Collection Of Templates Designed To Enhance Marketer’s Video Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing is getting popular on the Internet but making it stand out really hard and takes market share. That changes today when Videobold comes and reveals how big brands are using “story” in their videos to convert their audience and get the message across.

VideoBold is a brand new collection of over 200 “Storyline” videos that “Big Brands” are relying upon, to engage with their audiences and crush competition. Those new wave videos are basically human interest messages, which are location shot and tend to feature real people, in real places, doing the real thing.

Videobold software includes 19 disparate “filmmaking styles” with multiple variations in each so that it is properly equipped to dominate across various niches and industries; from child health, accounting, dentistry to action sports suppliers, etc.

Over 200 beautiful storyline videos covering a multitude of different niche allow marketers to extend their portfolios and customizations. Have a look at four main features helping marketers create professional videos:

Easy customizations: Marketers just add a logo and a lower third for contact or another call to action and make each video, their clients most treasured marketing secret weapon like the “big brands” own.

“Adaptability videos”: Marketers can use these unique videos to edit files, mix, merge, overlay text, overlay graphics, change the soundtrack, do inserts, mashups, or integrate customizations like logos and lower thirds with calls to action, or social engagement. With many functions of these videos, marketers can receive significantly creative with lizard-brain appeal and video messaging.

Instant impact of location footage featuring real people, for that alluring Hollywood “docu-soap” style, mega production feel. Curiosity peaks and it makes people stop in their tracks to enjoy a fascinate moment, complete with marketer’s, or marketer’s clients, message, and take away.

The VBE Videobold Editor is a cross platform (Mac, PC, Linux) desktop video editor software that can make any customization easy and fast for marketers to do. It is clean and means and focused on the job demands of video marketers. It supports multiple timeline tracks, so their video customizations will be painless and artistic.

Here is how Videobold soft helps marketers create their videos in three simple steps:

Step 1: Signup

When marketers sign up, their video membership account is automatically setup and ready to go without waiting.

Step 2: Browse Template Library

Marketers then browse and download unlimited templates from a library of video templates, in various niches.

Step 3: Customize and Publish

Marketers edit their templates using the BOLD video editor and finally post their videos for commercial purposes or re-sell.

Using Videobold review, marketers can create a series of videos to cover seasonal and event and location variations. They also easily get 20 variations for each business as well as set their own rate as a package, or stick to the rate.

Thanks to the introduction of Videobold, ordinary businesses will have viable access to the big brand style of storyline videos without having to spend hours scripting, filming, or editing. Videobold opens up the opportunities for not only seasonal variations, video SEO teasers, and overlay series but also other services from Press Releases to POI video hire, video SEO, social management, email newsletters and everything else.

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