Shan Shaogeng: A talented but very modest person who accumulates his force for action and uses his ability to create legends

Shan Shaogeng whose English name is JASON SHAN graduated from Japan International Xiaoxing Academy. He is proficient in Japanese and he is the CEO of Beijing Fu Xin Yuan Technology Co., Ltd.. He is also the chairman of Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Beijing Branch and the chief reporter of Asia Pacific First Finance Edition. Shan Shaogeng’s enterprise reached a strategic partnership with Beijing Automobile to promote the production and construction of Beijing autos in Thailand.

The author was impressed by his wisdom and open mind at first sight. Then having talked with him for long time, the author was convinced by his “debonair heroism”. After knowing about the life experience of Mr. Shan Shaogeng, a sentence flashed in author’s mind, that is, the legendary life has its own legendary experience. He was warned by Japanese repeatedly.

He is not self-contemptuous and arrogant, and he is a backboned man. Shan Shaogeng has all the characteristics of Beijing man. In 1999, Shan Shaogeng alone went to study abroad in Chiba-ken, Japan. After he put up with the loneliness in an unfamiliar place, he chose to clench his teeth and continue to insist on his study. The persistence is always the ladder for extraordinary people to achieve success.

“Of course, it cannot be denied that Japanese has so many advantages, but you will found that a Chinese would be provoked by a Japanese unreasonably if you has lived in Japan for long time.” he said, When talked about the Mr. Shan Shaogeng’s life in Japan. When he was asked whether he would respond to the provocation of Japanese, he said “Sometimes I will endure the provocation if the provocation is just for me. After all I lived in a foreign country. However, I will beat back their provocation without hesitation if they provoke our country and nation. I has fought with Japanese because this kind of situation so that I was warned by Japanese repeatedly. ” When wrote here, the author suddenly thought:When a Chinese has suffered the unreasonable provocation especially the provocation of country, how many people are there to fight back without hesitation?

Incubate himself in Japan for eight years and establish trading company.

In 2001, Shan Shaogeng came back to China. He was deeply impressed by the strong momentum of Motherland’s development. Shan Shaogeng thought that only in his own country, can he reach his life value comprehensively, but success is not by fits and starts. “After coming back to China, I found that I was short of comprehensive understanding individual and social environment. Therefore, I spend eight years in starting from the grassroots and continuing to enrich our social knowledge and experience. During the eight years, I was painful but happy.” Shan Shaogeng said with smile.

In 2009, Shan Shaogeng established his trading company. “From the establishment to the development of the company, it is not enough to rely on my personal effort. I always think that Zhang Jing, Zheng Yumei and Xu Liping have given me the great help in my life.” Speaking of here, Mr. Shan Shaogeng become serious, but the author can fully understand his affection in his sentences. “Zhang Jing has given me the greatest help in the company’s business development. When the development of enterprise encountered with difficulties, Zheng Yumei tried her best to help us get through difficulties. Sometimes, I felt confused even could not find the developing direction of the enterprise. If there were not Xu Liping, I should explore in the frog for long times. Hence, Xu Liping is my life coach. In general, our enterprise cannot reach the today’s achievements without their help. I want to give my sincere thanks to them.” When he said every word, he would pause for a while, just like he was memorizing brilliant time. The warmth and masculinity in his eyes is so fascinating. Besides, the author also learned that Mr. Shan Shaogeng once believed in Taoism in Shangdong Bixia temple. “The thoughts of Taoists have great reference value for conducting oneself or doing business”. It is really necessary for us to realize the meaning of governing by doing nothing that going by nature, action through inaction and overcoming firmness by gentleness with lifetime. When talked about this experience, Mr. Shan Shaogeng truthfully said.

Go to Chiengmai alone and establish business circles successfully.

With the enterprise’s strong development and the explanation of scale, Shan Shaogeng thought that it is time to go out. In the further communication, the author learned that Mr. Shan Shao Geng was proficient in Cantonese, Japanese and Thai, and he has gone to Chiengmai alone and the Thai he has accumulated for years took into effect. After experiencing difficulties and setbacks, Mr. Shan Shaogeng created a business circle successfully with the help of Thailand army. So far, Mr. Shan Shaogeng’s Beijing Fu Xin Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. has conducted cooperation and reached strategic consensus with Beijing Automobile. And it is essential to constantly promote the sales of Beijing autos to Southeast Asian market and then construct Beijing auto factory in Thailand. Such big multinational trade is the perfect reflection of a person’s international view and personal courage. Mr. Shan Shaogeng said “A single tree cannot make a forest. In the same way, the development of enterprise cannot leave other partner’s help. We once reached strategic cooperation with WhatsLIVE, and we achieved a win-win situation of development. Now, we go further and cooperate with Beijing Automobile. It is expected that the great opportunities of market will be captured by us” Mr. Shan Shaogeng stated his own achievements with gentle tone. And the most I feel from the begging to end is the gentle smile on the Mr. Shan Shaogeng’s face. Such smile makes people feel amiable and comfortable.  

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