GotGreenNotGreed Announces The Camping Companion Complete – a Solar Charger Ideal for Outdoor Adventure

MERCERSBURG,PA – 28 Feb, 2017 – Running out of a battery charge on an important device when camping can be inconvenient at best or even a safety risk in some circumstances.  Forward think outdoor company GotGreenNotGreed are answering the call announcing the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to bring the Camping Companion Complete Wireless Solar Charger to market, designed to leave these problems in the past.

Camping, hiking, hunting and other outdoor sports have taken interesting turns in the last few years, with the embrace of nature coming hand in hand with certain electronic devices, that make these trips more focused, safe and even fun.  The trick is being able to keep them charged when there’s no electric outlets anywhere close, so the devices can be used when needed rather than simply being battery dead and useless.  The environmentally conscious outdoor product company, GotGreenNotGreed, recently announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to release their first run of the Camping Companion Complete Wireless Solar Charger – an innovative device that can charges all manner of devices, quickly and efficiently using cutting edge solar panel, with no need for wires to even connect the devices to the Camping Companion Complete.  Interest surrounding the breakthrough device is high, among campers not just for its use as a device charger, but also as a solar fire starter and solar water purification device.

“I’m an electrician, a camper and an inventor at heart so when I saw the need for something like the Camping Companion Complete, I got hard to work at creating it,” commented Ed Heffner inventor of the device and head of GotGreenNotGreed.  “I couldn’t be happier with the results and I know this is a product that is going to deliver huge value to people who love outdoor activities, like camping.”

According to Heffner, some of the highlights of the Camping Companion Complete, include:  the device using polarized magnetic connectors from a solar panel on one side for charging the rechargeable battery and polarized magnetic connectors on the other side for powering up a smartphone or by using the device’s various polarized magnetic connector modules other devices like alarm clocks, radios, firestarters, and much more.  The unit requires no cables and the magnetic connectors are even waterproof making the Camping Companion Complete even better suited for outdoor use as a solar water purification device and solar fire starter.

I addition to outdoor use the device is perfect to keep in the office, in the car or anywhere else there may be a need to charge a phone or other device quickly and safely.

The Indiegogo campaign has set a goal of $125,000 to manufacture the first run of the breakthrough device.

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