County Club Cleaners – The Best Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery in Diablo

A dependable dry cleaning service
If you are an individual, or a medium to large sized company, Country Club Cleaners provides the expert dry cleaning in Diablo that you can depend on.

A dependable dry cleaning service provides a lot benefits for individuals and companies on the move. In addition to expert cleaning of usual apparel, Country Club Cleaners provides cleaning solutions for leather, drapes, household items, cleaning for fire and water restoration, bedspreads, comforters, and more.

The best benefit of our services is that customers can depend on receiving environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. With the right equipment and employee dedication, no dry cleaning job is too tough or demanding. Nothing beats picking up dry cleaning that is safe for animals and people and that smells good as well.

We do not think that we have to remind people that the world is a busy place. It seems that people have very little time to take care of the little things in life. Running a business or raising a family can be a full-time job within itself. When it comes to dry cleaning, all customers need do is give us a time and place for pickup and delivery. There is no cost—the service is free.

Dry cleaning benefits include:

• Expert alterations – A person’s body will change along with how well their clothes fit. Clothes are also subject to normal wear and tear.

• Convenience – Professional dry cleaning services make it easy to simply have clothes picked up and returned. The days of having to waste time doing laundry are long gone.

• Country Club Cleaners uses the latest technology along with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Clothes and items are thoroughly cleaned, and the finished products smell fresh and clean.

• Nothing beats expertise and experience on the job. Country Club Cleaners is proud to employ dedicated and experienced people who love what they do.

• Expertise finishing is also a hallmark of Country Club Cleaners. You receive garments back that are crisp, wrinkle-free, and with an appearance that makes them look as if they are new.

• Quality inspection can also be expected. Before your clothes and garments are returned, we make sure they pass our own, rigorous, inspection. We pride ourselves in ensuring that your clothes will look their best.

• We also have expertise knowledge about every type of fabric. We work expertly with cotton, silk, rayon, angora, and other fabrics. We know how to clean fabrics because we know how they will respond. We take special care to remove odors and restore clothing items damaged by smoke or water. The processes are safe and effective. We take the same caution and care when removing suborn stains too.

We think providing quality is important. Customers realize value through dependable dry cleaning delivery and pickup.

When looking for the very best in delivery and dry cleaning pick up in Diablo, we are the company to choose.

Our convenient locations include the following:

Country Club Cleaners
3412 Camino Tassajara
Danville, CA 94506
Phone: (925) 964-9965

San Ramon:
Country Club Cleaners
500 Bollinger Canyon Way Suite A-4
San Ramon, CA 94582
Phone: (925) 838-2000

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