Tom Chesser, Owner of Solutions Plus, Provides Custom-Tailored Solutions For Business Owners To Gain An Advantage In Their Local Marketplace

Owner of Solutions Plus, San Antonio, Texas, Tom Chesser was the featured guest on Main Street Mavericks Radio with Joel Helfer, talk show host. They talked about how Chesser helps business owners, non profits and schools identify and solve problems.
On a recent episode of Main Street Mavericks Radio with Tom Chesser of
Solutions Plus and Joel Helfer, they discussed specific ways to identify, and solve
business problems to make owners more successful with fewer headaches.
Tom Chesser can connect owners with a nationwide network of elite vendors to provide them the custom-tailored solutions needed to gain an advantage in the local marketplace. He has a whole suite of services and products to help his clients make and save money.
According to Chesser, “Without a problem there is no solution, and without a solution, there is no sale.”
When host Joel Helfer asked ” What is one of the most popular business solutions?”, Chesser answered, “The V card. It’s a digital business card that’s interactive and gives business owners a great way to get their message out.”
During the interview,Chesser shared how he helps business owners provide better health care benefits for their employees and save money for their companies with a health care program called Beneficity and The Wellness 125 Tax Advantage Savings Wellness Program
Solutions Plus owner Tom Chesser is well respected by his clients and peers. Bill Mooney said, “If you could package up his enthusiasm, knowledge, creativity, experience, helpfulness and friendly personality, people would be lining up to get a small piece.” One of his many recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn
 The interview concluded with Chesser talking about how he helps nonprofits communicate better and make a residual income stream using a custom sponsored mobile app his company builds.
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