Harald Seiz and Karatbars: Gold as an Investment

STUTTGART, GERMANY – 28 Feb, 2017 – Of all the investments in the world, almost none is as tough, durable or enduring as gold, which is why I hold this precious metal in my portfolio. I’m not talking about the securities associated with gold or the stocks of mining companies, but physical metal. In particular, I use Karatbars as a way to leverage the benefits of precious metals, which are listed below.

Harald Seiz: Inflation Hedge

The value or purchasing power of money is constantly fluctuating, which can make it very difficult to maintain wealth. I use bullion as a way to protect against wild currency fluctuations. Given that Mr. Harald Seiz has offered the world the Karatbars, which contains an easy to store and use bullion bar, I can keep physical bullion at the bank or at home. My ability to hedge against inflation with this investment vehicle is both versatile and flexible, which is exactly what I need.

Wealth Preservation with Gold Ingots

In times of financial calamity, asset values can swing wildly and currencies can become worthless. During these times, it can be hard to find an investment vehicle that maintains its true value. I choose to hold onto the Karatbars for times such as these. I do not want to lose all of the wealth I’ve accumulated, just because the financial markets become tumultuous. Through the creation of the Karatbars, Mr Harald Seiz has allowed people all over the world to preserve their wealth for future generations. I plan on passing down my bullion in perpetuity, for my loved ones.

Proven Track Record

Precious metals have maintained their value throughout time, giving them a proven track record as a successful financial instrument. Paper currency is okay, but it has a tendency to lose its value from time-to-time with the changing of governments. Precious metals such as gold have an intrinsic value that make them a worthwhile instrument for long-term wealth generation and for stable financial well-being. I prefer instruments with a past that can be verified.

Harald Seiz and Karatbars: The Answer to Inflation

Bullion is one of the most reliable investment vehicles on the planet, because it has retained its value since the early days of civilization. In addition to being a hedge against inflation, gold bullion is tangible representation of wealth that doesn’t tarnish over time. I hold Karatbars as a way to leverage all the benefits that gold bars has to offer.

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